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  1. I never forget you guys, Bill. Way too much learnin' and hopeful desires for contributin' to artful projects here. Phew. Need more Buffalo Trace. To the shot glass, Batman!
  2. Oh boy, been far too long since I've hung around these parts. Too much work has taken my frontal brain energies away. So ... to compensate ... a handful of Eddies followed by another handful of Buffalo Trace bourbon. And some Brain Setzer DVDs. Very cool. I miss you crazy guys...
  3. Taking a week long staycation and enjoying a handful of glasses of Eddy.
  4. Nice work, Retro. I love what glass plates do to eyes. Very ominous and spooky.
  5. Yes, I should know better but I was excited! (At least I didn't post the link)
  6. Any other mad rye nuts out there jumping on Oxy's Hannisville Cache of pre-prohibition rye? I couldn't help myself, absinthe has made me a sucker for rye thanks to the Sazerac.
  7. All is well, the bottle was replaced, nothing to see here, move along.
  8. Well, here's a post I never expected to make. A family friend is visiting from overseas and bought me a bottle of this as a present. After a very slow louche, the drink is amazingly clear, almost disturbingly so. I louched a couple just to make sure and only got a slightly better result. Have a look at my crappy iPhone pic of it: I haven't had Lemercier since March 2008 and it looked like this: I'm wondering if it's worth taking back to the store. Although I doubt that I'd be able to explain it to the staff who most probably have no idea what absinthe is. Any ideas why this might be so extremely thin in the louche? Too long on the shelf? Bad batch? New recipe (improved! no louche!)?
  9. November and December ended up being far too busy at work for me to put in enough time for music and I didn't want to just throw something together. No excuses this time, I still have ideas floating around in my absinthe-enhanced head. Ordering CD right now...
  10. How are we going for submissions? I've come back from overseas and have some time to work on music again, so I'm wondering if there's an 'updated' deadline? End of November? I'd really like to contribute something, but if I don't make this volume, I'll definitely get to Volume II.
  11. Thanks, guys. I do believe I'll grab a bottle of Sirene and Clandestine at the nearest possible establishment tonight, just in time for a Halloween nightcap. Which is about the same time I arrive in Chicago after a 20+ hour flight ... could be interesting.
  12. Any updates on the state of absinthe in Chicago? I'll be there from Oct 31st to Nov 10th and I'm looking to sample as many American brands as possible! So far The Violet Hour seems to be the only possibility for a night out but I'm hoping on going to Delilah's at some point and seeing what can come of that. While I'm at it, how might I get hold of some Marteau while I'm there? Ship it from DUNY?
  13. I'll attempt to finish my one submission by the end of the week, but it turns out that I'm heading overseas for the 2 following weeks for work. So it doesn't look like I'll be able to get to the same level of polish but I'll give it a shot.