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  1. First I am a newbie. I did search a bit for a question similar, so if I didn't find it I apologize. Anyway I have heard people mention "I couldn't find the right water to absinthe ratio". I was under the impression that this was a taste issue not a proper ratio preparation recipe. I figured as long as I got the louche I could mix to my desire. If I want a strong drink less water after the louche, somewhat weaker then more water. Am I wrong? Should I be looking for the exact ratio to properly enjoy my absinthe?
  2. I am yet another newbie in the states living in Michigan. Bought my first 2 bottles, Lucid and Kübler, from NY. I like the rest here are eagerly awaiting more varieties to be available in the US. Also if there is anyone in Michigan that would like to go in on a large order from abroad to share in shipping costs please let me know. It is expensive as it is, sharing it would be beneficial for other importers.