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  1. Still around and in Southern New Jersey, near Philadelphia, PA.
  2. Although this is true, distilled spirit can and has created temporary lesbianism in New Jersey.
  3. You inadvertently hit the "?" instead of the "!"
  4. I really haven't experienced alot of cognac but I did buy a bottle of Courvoisier poured about 2 oz in a glass and I must admit, I had to sink it. I really couldn't take it. Should it be warmed? Oh well my guests may like it.
  5. PeterL, I have often thought the same. Will swill in a pre ban bottle be raved over while a nice offering in a contemporary package is snubbed for it's ingredient list or place of origin? Well, I believe that St. George debunked the latter with it's basil and California origin. But I do believe a majority is in the mind. Like a buddy of mine who loves Jack Daniels and JW Red. Both are crap to me and are soooo astringent you can't pay me to smell them. But with absinthe I agree with H. The taste foremost then history and ritual play a MAJOR role in my enjoyment of the experience.
  6. Last night- a double- Cragganmore 12 y/o single malt w/ 2 ice cubes. I think I am addicted to this stuff. Good call on the Cragganmore Shabba.
  7. How dare you Sir! Garlic belongs in everything. The Russians said so
  8. Grats Zman, and very well done in the interview.
  9. I smiled so big when I first read this thread....I am done reading and haven't stopped. Your hard work and dedication deserve this reward. Congrats and THANK YOU ! P.S. When you first tasted absinthe did you ever see this day coming?