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  1. Thanks again, everyone. Well, I made a decision yesterday that I wonder if I will be strong enough to do. As I said, I am expecting my bottle of absinthe in the post any day now. But due to scheduling conflicts screwing up my free time during the next few weekends, I have decided to hold off on that first glass until after easter. You guys just met me, so you have no idea of what a test of wills this will be for me. so wish me luck, I think i'm gonna need as much as I can possibly get!
  2. Hey in Nashville! I'm brand new here, but of course I had to read your post since I am from Tennessee as well. I live in the upper east part of the state, and I have been getting my absinthe from La Fee for five years now. I have never heard of the out-of-state rule thingy. I'm so grateful for every drop I get!
  3. Shabba - i have no clue - the fairy ain't talkin'! And Techdiver...11 bottles with four more coming? I would have died from alcohol poisoning a LONG time ago if i could manage that.
  4. I have a cigar story that i thought was funny. My dad is a big-time cigar enthusiast and has been for several years. He and my mom were in Mallory Square in the Keys, sitting at an outdoor cafe when he wanted to light up after their meal. He very graciously tapped the shoulder of a woman sitting next to him, to ask her if his cigar smoke would bother her. When she turned around, he saw that she was smoking a cigar that was bigger than his! That always makes me laugh a bit when i think of it.
  5. i'm not sure what kind of absinthe it is that the fairy is straddling. Someone once suggested it was a czech brand, but I am not familiar with all the different ones out there. I have dealt solely with La Fee. I just liked the look of it.
  6. Thanks, guys. I appreciate the warm welcome. By the way, TZ3, I am a chick. I am looking forward to getting to know those here who share my passion for The Green Fairy, and hearing - reading - whatever - your stories.
  7. Have i got a deal for you guys....just kidding. I am new here as well. This is my first post, actually. I have been a little initimidated by the rules, the FAQ's, etc. It seemed pretentious to begin my own thread. I just wanted to say hello to everyone! i am expecting my fifth bottle of absinthe any day now. I have been fascinated by the green fairy for five years now...I am so glad a friend sent me a webpage that linked to this site. It is my fervent hope that I will be sipping a glass of Sweet Lady A this time next week. I'm so excited!