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  1. Who says its a martini? Thank you all for the warm welcome! Oop! My cocktail ignorance is showing! Brian, I need to go back to school!
  2. Does she have a sister? Or a good friend with similar tastes? Seriously, though, huge congrats! I've heard great things about Logic.
  3. Would that be Astor Wines on Lafayette Street? I searched their site and couldn't find mention, but it might not be posted yet.
  4. I think I know who you are! I'd say I know when to bow out and let the monkeys play on the monkey bars. I love monkeys. You're right about one thing: I fart something fierce.
  5. I am similarly conflicted, pre. You make a good point with music. The only distinction I can think of is music wasn't banned for nearly a century.
  6. Hiya FAJ! Snag one of the more recent batches of Vieux Carre. It sounds like it has gotten even better! Though I don't drink 'em myself, some may be distraught at what your avatar is doing to that poor martini!
  7. Hiya JoeyBear! What peridot wrote is an interesting and important distinction, I'd say.
  8. Hiya P.b.! to that. Though one must be humble enough to recognize such things. Ain't easy.
  9. Yes, bring it here post haste! I was rather amused at not being amused about one's deceased gramma, and such a thing deserves a doff o' the cap.
  10. Welcome back! In rebuilding, do be gentle with yourself. It's not easy to remember, but the more you do it, the more of a habit it will become. My best wishes to you in finding your own, true stability in life!
  11. I think two things are at work in that case. On the one hand you have the snobby, elitist people trying to justify themselves with pretension while on the other hand you have the people who like to use "big words" but don't know the difference between 'condescensious' and 'ostentatious' (thus inadvertently embodying irony). On the third hand, I have been (or at least been accused of being) everything under discussion, so take that as you will... Scott **Edit: I find I keep uncorking the bottle for another sniff. Evidently the aroma is fascinating, if not intoxicating. May not be able to wait for the weekend after all I like your take on "pretentious." Patent that shit. I also take sniffs from bottles on occasion. No, I don't have a problem.
  12. For these last few days around my roommate's birthday, this has rung so, so true. He has some remarkable, wonderful people around him, and I feel so fortunate to call some of them my friends now, too. Seriously, though, those who are clutching onto neo-teetotalling laws are Quaker in name only. In my home state (MA) we blame the Puritanical residue for the stupid shipping laws.
  13. How cool is that for the Saints, NOLA, and fans of both everywhere? >ahem< I mean, "Who dat?"
  14. Ooo, now that's a usage of Buzz I hadn't heard of! Cheers to resourcefulness!