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  1. Hiya Dave! Nice second wave of brands you have there. And some great suggestions from the others, too. http://leopoldbros.com/Internet_Orders.html has some online vendors listed, and it looks like some can ship Leopold's!
  2. Good to see you, rambus! Must be something in the Metro D.C. water. Or mustn't. I noticed that as well, but after 8 months it had aged out quite nicely. Now it's almost a year old and one of my more jealously guarded bottles. This makes me want to save my bottle of BA2 for a few more years before opening it! Maybe trade for a sample...
  3. Ha! What GB said about lack o' comprende-vous. The fact that they (the closed-minded) may associate taking one's time in preparing a glass of tasty booze with any sort of gender is laughable at best. Truly, I wonder when that attitude came about in Western history. It certainly happened after Hemingway. Though I shouldn't get hung up on that bit, because the article trumps many others out there quite easily!
  4. Let us know your thoughts! Whoa, didn't know the recent DAW version have live capabilities. Very cool! Folks I know have very good things to say about Live. Max for Live is expanding possibilities as well, from what I understand.
  5. My 'rents knew about this and I didn't. Sheesh, I'm losing it! It'd be a great day to get an accurate definition on the books.
  6. I'm liking how the Pacific NW absinthes have very simple, short, straightforward answers to the FAQs. It helps me curb my long-winded replies to people to have such examples!
  7. I know that thujone is largely left behind in the still when making absinthe, and is in such small quantity in the absinthe that from what I've read it's likely the more ethanol-philic compounds in the A.a. that helped with gastrointestinal ailments. Well, the ethanol-philic parts of most of the other herbs, too, as they are also good for digestion AFAIK. I could be wrong on some of the details, though. The way of making essential oils may be different (hydro-distilling?), so different compounds would be captured in the distillate.