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  1. Thanks to you both for this! I think I'll post a blog... (famous last words?)
  2. Thanks, y'all! Yes, as InAbsinthia says, no rushing into anything. I look forward to something at some point, though! Any Boston/area bars you guys know to have a fountain and allow patrons to louche their own? I mention this because I recently went somewhere where my drink was louched for me hyper-fast. Ah, well. Damn, 3 jobs, Grey Boy? Stay strong, my man. Luckily, we have the kittehs to bolster our strength! =^_^= (Is that the right thingamajig?!!?)
  3. :( I hate to be the bearer of bad news. http://williambennett.blogspot.com/2008/02/act-final_14.html Can you get to Europe very soon? If you can, find the recent article on Whitehouse in The Wire magazine. I think Ricardo Villalobos (sp?) is on the cover. Amen--it is good to bring out that stuff once in a while, not only to revisit it musically, but as a look into why it grabbed you in the first place--it can be a curious exercise! to strange ideas about music! May you have many more! Heheh. Hmm, Schirach's live show sounds intriguing, though I'm not sure I'll actively seek it out.
  4. Hiya you two! Selmac - Agreed. It's interesing how I'm less invested in most of the "dark" or "angsty" (to use the buzz word) these days. Even what little of the new Portishead that's up on youtube isn't doing it for me like their previous ones. I hate to say it, but I might be tired of her voice! Very good for what it does, but I may have moved on. i haven't checked out the newer SP stuff. Glad the show was good! I checked out Otto von Schirach, and honestly that sort of schtick bores me. Mostly, though, I'm music-focused and OvS's music didn't impress. Now Whitehouse, on the other hand... I left their show in NYC a couple years ago with a huge smile on my face!
  5. (liberties taken...) "In a way, each of us has an El Guapo to face. For some, their El Guapo might be a bottle of Hill's or KoSG--for us, El Guapo is a big, dangerous man who wants to kill us.... with bottles of Hill's and KoSG." >ahem< I am *very* excited to see what the next absinthe to be approved for the U.S. market will be! I would prefer it to be something from the selection at absintheonline.com, though. (edited for quote "accuracy")
  6. Howdy, y'all. @ peridot - another Skinny Puppy fan here! I must admit, though, that their earlier work, while I can appreciate it, doesn't grab me as much as Too Dark Park, Last Rights, and even The Process. Plus I really dig a lot of cEvin's side projects (though of course a good amount of those tracks come off as noodly...)
  7. Hallo! May you have a happy healthy marriage! I would add "absinthe-filled" but you already have that covered!
  8. Indeed, a small world, and the last thing I need is more positives for Seattle! So many destinations, so little time... or should I say journeys to be all profound?!?! Time to become a traveling massage therapist. Licensing would be a PITA, though!
  9. InAbsinthia--good to hear was have some MA representation here, and that there are occasional meetups. I checked out the blog; good stuff, and I like that it's a little different in content than other sites--more variety to show the breadth and depth of the community of absinthe-drinkers! That sucks about your (your friend's?) Jade Edouard! Sonny Mann--Too cool! As a matter of fact, two friends of mine from high school are doing the exact same thing on the exact same street at the moment! It's all patterns, no? I tend not to dig cities myself (I tried out NYC for a year. Love the people there, but couldn't do it.), but it sounds like I should check out Seattle at some point! At the very least visit. If/when I do, I'll be sure to get a good dose of the Olympic Peninsula.
  10. Thanks for the welcomes, all! It is indeed a party. Misanthrope, I like that approach--basically saying, "I can help you learn the way, but you have to want to follow." Caring as much as they care to know the real deal, so that if they turn out to be thick-headed then one takes it less personally. Hiya Bluescat and Sonny Mann! What a small world! I'm in East Falmouth, and my parents lived in Woods Hole for a while in the 70s! Looks like you're in a spot (accoding to G-maps) that may be milder in temperature, but just as salty. Heheh. A friend of mine is looking at Seattle as a potential move. How do you like the Olympic Peninsula? Poor--it sounds like the student has become the master! England does sound like a good deployment to get. May you educate them, and they graciously accept the true knowledge! InAbsinthia--Now I am looking forward to trying Kübler even more! Very curious to A/B them. Glad to see Mass folks on here! Do you know how numerous we are, and if it would be possible to converge for grand louching?
  11. Falmouth (Cape Cod), Massachusetts... for the time being.
  12. Looks like we posted at the same time, Jetzster! I'll head to those threads right now.
  13. Thanks, y'all! Whoo, boy--I can imagine! I can just picture the sort of face I'd be wearing in that situation... hilarious in one sense, sure, but still awkward! Luckily I'm reading my very first Jane Austen novel, so I may learn some fine techniques--wow 'em with my diplomatic verbiage so that they just *can't* feel offended!
  14. Thank you for the hellos, welcomes, and advices! Heheh, I'll have to practice the civility thing, I realize. The colonic thing I'll leave to a professional. (How much do you *really* know about that, T73? ) And the "Ignorance Abounds" thread is proving quite helpful. Thanks again!
  15. Greetings, all! My name is Wendell, and I’ve been seduced by the Green Fairy. It all started recently when my Google start-up page showed a link to “How to drink absinthe.” I was intrigued, both due to the lore, but also because I recall enjoying a glass of Spanish (I believe) absinthe with a family friend while I was on a road trip (sugar, louche, and all). My researcher tendencies swung into action, and I read a few articles (Wired, New Yorker come to mind), found this forum and its reviews, and became even more fascinated. I went to the local liquor warehouse a couple days later to try my luck, and recognized Lucid as the “starter” absinthe mentioned in a few articles about T. A. Breaux’s work. I’ve found it to be pleasurable (aroma, louche), refreshing (with the sugar), and has even spurred on some creativity, though I am somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to “secondaries.” Well, other than having a clearer mind than one normally would while imbibing. (Herbs acting in concert?) The louche is inspirational enough, and knowing that it is a precipitate (hooray high school chemistry!) only deepens my appreciation. My budget is not friendly to more brands of absinthe at the moment, as the Lucid is now being enjoyed with ramen (heh), but I have my eyes on a few, including the Kübler still on the shelf. Here’s hoping sooner than later! I look forward to trying less beginner-level absinthes in the near future, possibly with other New Englanders! I decided to join the forum today because I chatted online with a friend in town to see when he’d like to have a tasting. I fear I may not have been tactful when learning he had had a Czech crapsinth and that it was “like drinking turpentine with rubbing alcohol in it.” He took it well after I distinguished what I had to offer from what he had experienced, because he said he looks forward to a less horrid-tasting beverage. However, I fear I ruined it when writing in all-caps “F_ _ _ Fire!” upon learning how it had been prepared for him. After reading a bit of the forum, I can see that y’all tend to take a similar tack when confronted with crapsinth (which I haven’t had, admittedly). I would like to hear how some of you have taken diplomatic routes when talking to those folks who have only experienced crapsinth and may have been subjected to crapsinth’s marketing machine. Nothing speaks better than the real thing in front of them, of course. I’m curious about your experiences, what you did, how it went, etc. Speak up, ye absinthe evangelists!