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  1. Oh yes--I've seen it. I'm not a fan of how glib those commercials can be. Depends on the level of severity--for someone with mild to moderate depression, I'd hope they'd never have to take that drug, though someone with severe clinical depression should probably consider something like ECT. Which leads me to say, "no sir, I don't like it."
  2. scuto

    question to WS

    What Artemis said that Joe quoted and affirmed. y'all!
  3. Not late for the 2010 one. I know I haven't been able to start something yet. Edit: What GB said!
  4. Yup, it's actually relatively common to see it listed as a side-effect for antidepressants. I dunno if it's because if the med doesn't work well with the person's chemistry it can increase suicidal ideation, or that the med just might not work at all and the producer is "covering all their bases."
  5. I like Ulan Bator. Some friends of mine are huge Magma fans, though I don't know 'em well.
  6. What Marlow through Ron said. Until what actual absinthe is is common knowledge, and/or the TTB gets a proper definition on the books, I'm in favor of keeping the related products and the fauxcrap reviews up there. If there was concern over legal stuff, haven't threats been made already, and they had no leg to stand on?
  7. Boo, this is sad. It's down from DUNY's site as far as I can tell, and I've yet to try it! Voyager made me see there are gins I like, so it's sad to see an artisanal one bite the dust.
  8. I've had neither codiene nor valium. Won't be going out of my way for them, but good to know that, should our tolerances be similar, codiene might be tolerable for me. Of course, my favorite is the opium in absinthe from those barrels it is aged in!
  9. Ugh. I was prescribed synthetic opiates after hernia surgery and they were awful--I guess I don't deal well with 'em. As soon as I could I switched over to ibuprophen and acetominophen. And what the Doc said.
  10. Could the VdT producers be looking to force a definition for absinthe in the EU by doing this? Even if so, I wouldn't be able to justify it against the weird regionalist manner they went about it. (grammar fail, I know)
  11. Hiya Joe! Best wishes to you and Amanda. I look forward to trying your absinthe.