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  1. How cool is it that those are just from the visible spectrum?! Imagine if we could see a wider one...
  2. I really need to hear more of their stuff. Music: Boards of Canada, Cocteau Twins, They Might Be Giants, Sigur Ros, Autechre, Stereolab, Tortoise, Stars of the Lid, Giggle the Ozone, Extra Life, Stern, Zs, Giacinto Scelsi. TV: Kids in the Hall, Ren and Stimpy, Loony Tunes, The State, FLCL... Movies: not as front-and-center for me.
  3. Happy embarrassingly belated bidet!
  4. I had some the other day, first time in a while. It was just the thing for the time and place.
  5. Whoa, what a juxtaposition. Sunflowers and sarin?!
  6. Hiya Ron! My simple answer: chat-speak feels puerile to me, while emoticons provide the vocal inflection/tone that can be lost on the 'net tubes. Emoticons put the "fun" in "function!" Thanks for this, Artemis! Too funny.
  7. Hiya Nate! If it is now spelled with a "gh" then I expect to hear some expectoration when it is spoken.
  8. H. Jon Benjamin is Archer?! I must check this out. And cheers to Home Movies and Dr. Katz!