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  1. Hiya Danny! Enjoy exploring!
  2. ...and yet water really is blue. Or so they tell me.
  3. Happy belated bidet, tatman! Who also happens to make beats.
  4. +1 Happy bidet! What's this about horticulture? May it not involve too much thinking!
  5. The first time I saw FLCL on Cartoon Network, I had no idea what I was watching was the final episode in the series! Too funny. But it didn't make much difference because it made little sense in the best possible way.
  6. Thanks, all! I had a weekend far more packed than I bargained for, but in many good ways. To know Absomphe and I are both born in late May leads me to troubling thoughts which I must douse with some of the recommended green 'n white. I may need help drinking it all... I think of y'all more often than any sane person might be comfortable with, which makes my paucity of WS time even more distressing... and I still don't have a full-time job. Blast and damn! Cheers, Brooks, but I'm not yet feeling my oats!
  7. Thanks and cheers, y'all! I feel wicked smaht thanks to the site and forum, even if I'm still working on staying cool in the face of ign'ance.
  8. Nice y'all! Cool to hear a different perspective on it. For some remixes I've limited myself to only the source materials, but sound-designed the crap out of them, calling it a sort of de-/re-composition. Haven't done one in a while, so I can't say how I'd work now. I need to get my tuchus on soundcloud!
  9. Thanks, Brooks! We must chat soon.
  10. Ugh. The last thing I need right now is to read more willfully ignorant comments. /sourpuss Even beyond the misinformation, it's remarkable to me that some folks want to believe so badly that it's hallucinogenic, that you can't get the "real" stuff here, etc. and so forth. >sigh<
  11. Hiya Punk! ...The Earth was a still an undifferentiated molten ball. ...we were all just twinkles in a supernova's eye.
  12. Hiya Halah! I dig the palindrome.