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  1. A blanche, Pacifique, Roquette 1797, and back on the 4th some Marteau BE, which I am warming up to quite nicely now that I have found a ratio to mellow its spiciness. Its already-noted flexibility with water ratios is rather fun to play with and discover!
  2. Damn, I really need to find some of this. All in due (employed) time.
  3. Hiya Boris! It's only uphill from here.
  4. Hiya Jeff! You've got some good advice, so I won't bore you.
  5. Hiya Trauma_Hound! I'm also huge into Download, some platEAU, etc.
  6. Hiya nos4a2! I have yet to try that Corsair Red. Sounds good!
  7. I'm going to go ahead and blame sewage and bacteria for the supposed absinthe "hallucinations," DTs be damned.
  8. Cheers and respect to those doing what they can to fight this, and to those who are taking their time to translate what's going on--literally and figuratively--for folks like me! I'm glad I am not yearning for any VdT marques, though I haven't had the one made with tansy yet.