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  1. "Marcel Proust was a Neuroscientist." http://www.amazon.com/Proust-Was-Neuroscie.../dp/0547085907/ While I can't buy the book's premise that the historical figures predicted certain scientific discoveries, I'd say they certainly predated them, and those who pay attention could notice experiential threads in the ideas before the science backed them up.
  2. Buzz! My brother was a pro on that. I need to revisit it. I still use CE because it can read non-audio files as noise, while AA doesn't do this nearly as well--sometimes not at all.
  3. What jcbphd said. The bottle will usually improve over the period of time that it's open. Ummm...no. I already exceeded the extent of my anatomical knowledge googling the diagram in the first place. Googling your references confirms my suspicion about where you were going, but once I have to spend more time researching terms than writing replies, I call the discussion "above my head" and settle back to watch. Thanks, though. I do get an ego boost whenever one of my little jokes is appreciated enough to be built upon rather than simply earning me another accusation/recognition of being a pretentious a$$ :-) Heheh! Fair enough. Human A&P rules. Whoa, did I just see someone use the word "pretentious" in the actual dictionary definition? That's pretty cool. I'm not sure when the connotation came to mean snobby, elitist, and/or entitled, but I can see how the conflation of pretentious with those words might come about.
  4. Thanks for the pic! Too funny.
  5. Hiya Scott! Since we're in the area, let's talk about the brachial plexus and thoracic duct! ...or not.
  6. +1! Edit: To both bksmithey's sentiment, and might as well make it a couple hundred posts plus one.
  7. Huh, sucks about the lack of MIDI implementation. I've never given that a shot, onacuz I've only used it for editing/manipulation.
  8. to both cut 'n paste and Cool Edit. That's what's up. My last OT bit along these lines: have you tried Adobe Audition? It's truly improved without losing the intuitive workflow that Cool Edit had.
  9. Good read. I'll pass it along. And what Ron said about D.C. That's a curious thing, and I wonder how applicable to individual states, assuming the big liquor lobby can be overcome.
  10. He treats objects as women, man! Edit: Not Grim, Jackie Treehorn as spoken by The Dude.
  11. Sounds rather good. I like the first track--giving a bit of love to Dilla. (Whether or not he pioneered that technique of chopping, he perfected it. See "Donuts.")
  12. I tend to like something reversed if I don't know it is. When it's blatantly obvious it sounds gimmicky to me. Funkstorung did this remix in 1999. I doubt it was plugin-based then--some folks I know who got caught up in the fad did some tasteful variations of this sort of beat entirely by digital audio cut/copy/paste/reverse in their DAWs.
  13. The backwards drum samples are scattered throughout the track. Drukqs seems to be a good example. I'm still a little fuzzy as to what it is exactly, but it feels like Drukqs has it.
  14. I don't really have the time to devote to this, though I'm not sure folks would want me re-/de-composing a collaborative track! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7MiKsprACA I actually like this track... except for the backwards drums. I can't think of any indicative drill 'n bass except for Squarepusher and Aphex Twin, though the former dabbled in it a bit more, IIRC. Amen break-trastic!
  15. Good point--if it's well-used, it can be effective as all get out. Some blast beats serving an avant-metal cause: And for the fun of posting this yet again (Bert 'n Ernie blast it up): Ha! Yup. For a while there is was backwards drums. >yawn< Programmed drums that sound like a kid playing in a bathtub with an empty detergent bottle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5XJhzPwxmg (I refrained from linking Gantz Graf ) Meshuggah's previously-mentioned Catch33 has programmed drums. Extremely well done, too. I think they had a live drummer for a while before that. Prog-tastic:
  16. Ba(s)tard! Some L'Enjôleuse, courtesy of two excellent forum folks. It's tasty, but will it help kick my newly-appeared cold to the curb? Tune in, uh, later.
  17. Babble (and everyone else)--keep on musicking! I'm loving this group of creative folks we have here. It's odd that absinthe should attract so many creative types... I can see that. I'll be listening to their other stuff soon, but Catch33 is my first and will likely be my only. Origin is/are fun! I have to admit I'm not as partial to blast beats as other drum structures, but don't tell Mick Harris that. Most definitely. Interestingly, I've found I can't enjoy a good composition if it's produced in a manner that I don't like. Weird. Two electronic groups that compose well, yet I can't listen to are Plaid and Orbital. They both sound so damned cheesy to me, and not in a good way. I kinda wish Spiral Architect was produced like Origin.