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  1. Way ahead of you! Though I do need to do something specific for the WS comp., so there's that... You on soundcloud? Mmm, pinchable lentils. Not quite like a lickable lobster, though.
  2. You ba(s)tard. That's right, I called you a loaf of bread.
  3. Roquette 1797 and a little Joao: http://youtu.be/G1b6VFLQ8g8. If you told my high school self I'd be into bossa nova I would have yelled at you and gone home to listen to Swans.
  4. Cool, guidelines seem fair to me. I'm doing a bit of work on others' music right now (and learning a hell of a lot about mixing in the process), but hope to get back to making my own tunes soon.
  5. Speaking of, I owe you an email. From weeks ago!
  6. I'd be happy to go in on one with you. I have some left of my first bottle I bought a while ago, and I still dig it. Also still have to write a review.
  7. Thanks so much, y'all! I have been so remiss regarding the forums, though I have been thinking of y'all consistently. Moving to NYC, getting a massage job, and having a girlfriend all show me just how terrible my time management skills are, though I have found the time to have a glass of absinthe now and again. I hope to be better about swinging by now and again, though we know what they say about good intentions... For better or worse, I'm more active in that blue and white social networking walled garden. For my birthday I popped open a couple bottles of absinthe (looking forward to seeing how these age), went to the New York Botanical Gardens (almost didn't go see the conifers, and of course they turned out to be my favorite), and as a present to myself I self-released an album of pretty/melodic/melancholy tunes I've been sitting on for far too long. Sure, a little bit of shameless self-promotion, but you can preview the whole album, and it's free/name your price. http://scutopus.bandcamp.com/album/friendell I don't know how far (back) into the thread forest I'll make it, but I shall do my best. I'm sure there was more I was going to type, but that's definitely enough for now. Reading time! Thanks again, and a hearty cheers! -Wendell. P.S. I hope to get back into reviewing and post some. I gotta say, my palate is a picky one, and while I'll point out its idiosyncrasies, I'll also do my best to think about what might be useful to read for someone who hasn't tasted it. (Uh, crappy sentence.) For good reason.
  8. I like grits. I found the troll's last paragraph (I think) to be very funny! I also liked Phoenix's question, but cannot answer it until I've had "the real deal," man.
  9. Hiya JV! I recommend picking up some Delaware Phoenix while you're at Astor. As you sit with the bottles more, they'll get better, your palate will "get better," and favorites may change. I've found some fascinating fluctuations in my favorites as the time goes by.
  10. Ae made me dance and wriggle like an idiot (or is that a fucking eel?). I like that the lights are low/off--not much to watch, just sink into the music. I haven't got their most recent album yet, though I'm looking forward to it. Reggie Watts throws down. Music starts at 1:04 or so.
  11. Hiya Dragon! I myself didn't like licorice (or at least what passes as licorice candy here), but the taste of good anise seems so fresh and herbal in comparison that I was soon a convert. I think I have the difference between anise and licorice sorted out better now, but there's always more to learn with absinthe!
  12. Hiya John! Just wait until the second week, or even month if it lasts that long.
  13. Hiya AGP! Glad to see you here! So sorry to have fallen out of touch. I hope things are well with you and yours!
  14. Hiya Mike! Plenty of good advice already given. Enjoy your explorations!
  15. That's kinda how someone I met on a road trip once pronounced it.
  16. Hiya Ian! Best wishes with your venture.
  17. "Slow-dripgaze" or "Slow-dripcore"?