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  1. Had a lady at a liquor store tell me they can't sell real absinthe because of it's opiate content. I tried to explain the facts but she walked away, I give up!
  2. Howdy guys, Bill I am 35 miles north of Longview. Ain't this a bitch.
  3. I am sure you all have heard that Texas has outlawed liquor shipping to the state. The Only brand I find local is Lucid and with the glorious state tax is over 70.00 bucks a bottle. Can't believe it , refuse to pay that for Lucid so needless to say I am no longer able to enjoy the different brands available now. When you ask a liquor store to order special for you they look at you like you are nuts and claim it can't be done. I am going to figure out a way to get my favorite drink one way or another, this is a nightmare and all over tax what a bunch of do do.
  4. Any kind of smoking with COPD is very bad for ya. Funny thing since I quit,my sense of smell and taste has returned after many years. Sure did enjoy those 100's though.
  5. Had to quit em couple years ago (COPD). But I still crave one ever so often but have been able to avoid them. Sure did like em tho, don't see how anyone can afford American brands with the tax going up again. I must admit that I am an old dummy cause I have never heard of many of the brands mentioned.
  6. This thread makes me want to sin. In fact I am going to do just that right now OH! and the wife says wait for her! See ya!
  7. Have tried to introduce the green to bartenders here and get a blank look or what is that shit. Even tried to offer a tasting at my own expense and furnish the fountain, sugar, spoons all they had to furnish was ice and spring water. The manager acted like I was a drug dealer and even seemed afraid and answered " oh no that would be too dangerous". Can you imagine the total ignorance of a popular pub cafe that is very popular.
  8. Texas has new law that makes it unlawful to ship to here unless beverage was purchased from a distributor here. Ain't that a bunch of crap, so no more net orders for us. We can find Lucid here at times but not much else. Guess we will have to settle for what we can find until someone has the funds to take the state to court.
  9. I got one of those shit bag kits from green dragon which has an oak barrell with it and two linen bags full of dried something to soak in vodka and everclear. This was a gift from friends who gave it to me for my birthday. I have no intention of trying this crap but am perplexed as what to tell them without hurting their feelings. I have already upset them by trying to explain that this is not real absinthe and that absinthe must be distilled. One of them became quite incensed that I would point that out.
  10. I never drink unless I am by myself or with somebody.
  11. Got the same letter, didn't know it contained licorice.