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  1. Once again thanks for the replies, I was debating if I should order a bottle of Lucid, but wasn't too sure how it compares to Absente. But I figure I will eventually order a bottle of Lucid, what could it hurt, right???
  2. Thanks for the reply. The reason I was wondering this is that I picked up a bottle of this and found that it was "ok" but I didn't find it too enjoyable, yet bearable and I was wondering if a Lucid or Kübler was better tasting.
  3. well, as I have mentioned in one of my last post a local store was supposed to be getting Lucid fairly soon. Well it turns out the guy had no Idea what he was talking about... I have seen Absente in a few stores and I know that it is not real absinthe, but I was wondering how is it taste wise to absinthe, mainly compared to something that I could easily get like Lucid or Kübler. Thanks
  4. Well, today I called the liquor store in my home town to see if they carry Absinthe yet. The conversation went as follows. Me: Hi, do you guys carry Absinthe? Guy: we have absinthe. Me: what brands do you carry? Guy: its not like the real stuff, it won't make you hallucinate or anything... Me: do you have a brand called Lucid? Guy: yeah we have that. Me: Thanks So I think to myself does this guy know something that I don't [/sarcasm] Bad news: I don't think this guy knows what he is talking about... Good news: I just saved a lot of money on my car insurance and will finally be getting my first bottle of absinthe!!! Thanks for reading (This story is true and names have been changed to protect innocent oblivious)
  5. Santa is real, but he is dead....we were drinking absinthe together and he decided to do the flame ritual , I tried to counter act it with the fire extinguisher ritual but I was a little late R.I.P. Santa you will be missed
  6. Does this mean I'm going to have to rethink "Braveheart?" No this statement excludes "Braveheart" just due to the fact that it is a kick ass movie Yes, I know it is hard to believe but the interweb is full of truths, not a single lie [/sarcasm] How dare you bring those PMs into the public forum I sent those to you in the confidence that it would be kept just between you and me....Shame on you I am very disappointed in you, Bad cat
  7. It was quite obvious that he was joking, and when taken in conjunction with his other posts, he knows well enough not to try to set real absinthe on fire. But anyway... Thank you someone who finally understands that I am not a complete retard and that the thing about setting the Gatorade on fire was a joke ... As for my mentioning that I heard about Absinthe from the movie "From Hell" has nothing to do with what I know about Absinthe....it is just the first place that I saw or had even heard of Absinthe and this is what sparked my interest in the drink and prompted me to start looking into it more...Most people realize that just because you see something in a movie does not mean that it is 100% truth.
  8. Firstly, I would like to say that I find you to be very rude in the fact that you imply that I intend to set Absinthe on fire and that you seem to think I am a typical frat boy. In your first post in this thread you were trying to make fun of me for something that I am not and for something that I don't intend to do. Yet I shrugged it off, and made a joke out of it. But still here you are again trying to bash me, because you think I am a typical 21 year old alcoholic frat boy. I simply came here to learn a few things and up till this point everything has gone well. Everyone else seemed to be very friendly. But alas there is always one jerk that tries to offend people...
  9. I was being respectful, if you recall my initial post, it was essentially asking if anyone knew who this guy was that was trying to sell me something.... But, anyways I am truly done talking about this subject and if there is a next time that someone approaches me about trying to sell something I will just keep my mouth shut... There are so many people trying to scam others on the internet and when someone tries to bring something that is a typical example of a scam to the attention of everyone else, people want to warn me about keeping PMs private....
  10. You know if everyone is going to jump on my back about posting what was mentioned in the PM, then someone just might as well go ahead and ban me......
  11. I still feel that letting everyone know is still the best thing to do....either way the information gets out there and mods/admins still see it. But in the first place he should have never offered...
  12. I agree private is private, but if you feel something is askew I wholeheartedly feel that it should be brought to the attention of everyone....
  13. excuse me for being cautious and trying to inform people of what seemed to be a scam!!!! I brought the PM public because this deal seemed to be extremely fishy.....and it seemed that letting the community know what was going on seemed like a very good idea and see if anyone knew this person, because I damn sure don't trust anyone who is part of an Internet community, especially someone who has been here only a little while longer than myself....
  14. HaHaHa, Yeah I don't plan on setting anything on fire (I am kinda fond of my unburnt flesh)..... But thanks for the tips Second I don't plan on "guzzling" it....I'm not really a huge fan of getting sick, or really drunk for that matter. I have read how to prepare it and I plan to enjoy it... Whats wrong with drinking it out of a red cup..... But, thanks again for the helpful info
  15. Nope thats fine as long as he doesn't get all touchy feely and try to mess with my avatar.....