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  1. We're talking about the Taboo Gold not Taboo. I liked it anyway!
  2. The Amber PET Boston Rounds are the way to go. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is best for long term alcohol storage. Hiram Walker & Sons and some of Brown-Forman's leading liquor brands use PET bottles.
  3. As a former Asheville resident for 15 years, I feel your pain. Welcome and please keep preaching to those ABC retards... some of them may not be so stupid
  4. Mansinthe spiked with a splash of L'Italienne to make it less bland and simple. Brevans and Doubs Mystique made me feel much better... Doubs was the highlight
  5. Mansinthe, hmm... bummer. I was really hoping for a Brevans/Duplais experience.
  6. nephrite


    This might not be the best place for such discussions. Butt anyway, wanna trade for absinthe1.com? I am a programmer. Please pardon my cheap and shameful plug
  7. Just how I treat business partners butt you have a point.
  8. I'm gonna need to try some Stone IPA soon. You're having a billboard effect on me
  9. Good to see you at FV and here, welcome