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  1. I haven't been to this forum in a while, but the appearance of Vieux Pontarlier triggered a purchase. I have to say that, for what it's worth, it is hands down my favorite absinthe. Of course, I haven't experienced much: 2 bottles Kübler, 2 bottles Lucid, 1 bottle St Georges Spirits. I also had a bottle of Absente (yeah, I know but that was a gift from my mom). It just seems to have no drawbacks. Kübler seems too one-dimensional to me. Lucid has this odd aftertaste I can't describe, sort of like it might have been awesome at one time, but was just kept in the back of a cupboard for too long. I love the St Georges, but it seems a little TOO complex. Very spicy-reminds me of one of my favorite drinks:Chartreuse (which is great, but I don't know that absinthe traditionally has so much going on in terms of spices-like I could swear I taste basil or thyme in it!). I kind of like Absente too, sort of like how I like a dessert wine compared to regular wine. The Vieux Pontarlier though....from the second I opened the bottle I knew I would love it- the smell was terrific. The color was my favorite. The taste was, for me anyway, not too strong in any one category. I didn't taste any mint or bananas that others have found though. Just very easy and pleasant to drink!
  2. I went to my mom's. Had great food. Unwrapped my presents. I got a bottle of Absente. At least I finally have a spoon I can use instead of the Oneida slotted spoon for vegetables! And I also got a monster jug of Cointreau, so every cloud has a silver lining!
  3. Yes, shipping to Europe is very expensive. I ship a lot of eBay items and can attest to that: whenever I agree to ship something to Europe (or Asia), I end up regretting it because I simply can't conceive of how high it will be, and invariably underestimate shipping charges. Now flat rate envelopes are reasonable. Think we could get PF 1901 shipped in a Ziploc bag??
  4. Sorry to change the flow of thought here, but for what it's worth, I just got my order for St. George Spirits (and a bottle of my old favorite, Chartreuse Verte) and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Of the limited experience I have, I prefer it over both Lucid and Kübler. I was thinking of taking a jar of pickles with me to the swimming pool, then I'd be in heaven!!
  5. Though my St George shipped today (and a bottle of Chartreuse, GOTTA get free shipping, right?), my stupid tax.....uhmmm, stimulus check I mean, will force my money to strengthen the Euro by way of PF1901 and Roquette!
  6. Wouldn't the spork melt when you set fire to the sugar? I was lucky, my Oneida flatware came with an absinthe spoon!! It just isn't available if we serve vegetables....
  7. Having just gone through this whole process myself, and having just finished off the bottle of Kübler , I have to say that it's truly 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. I beat my head over which to choose, but now I will be placing an order for the Lucid shortly, and after that I will get some PF 1901 and Roquette. I'm fairly certain had I bought the Lucid first, I would have purchased the Kübler next, and the PF and Roquette after that; The key is just having that first drink....
  8. I wonder if the alcohol is disrupting your sleep cycle such that you aren't entering REM sleep or at least not long enough to trigger the nightmares. BTW, you can write your own Rx for that medication. That's a valid argument; however, my nightmares tend to worsen when I drink other alcohols. The Kübler is a striking contrast to this. In truth, I rarely drink. The fact that I have been drinking the Kübler on a very consistent basis lately leads me to believe that the lack of nightmares is not simply coincidence. Further, it never even occurred to me that the two were linked until this thread, and the talk of vivid dreams. Therefore, with such conclusive evidence, it is imperative that I drink absinthe every night to keep the demons away...
  9. The only experience I have is with Kübler. At first, I wasn't too sure about secondary effects. As I've had time to think about it, and the bottle is nearing it's end, I have noticed 2 things about the Kübler that differs from any other alcohol I have consumed. The first thing is that my appetite is unaffected by it. The second was clearly brought to my attention last night: nightmares. I suffer many nightmares several times a week. The times I drank the Kübler, I had no nightmare. I actually don't remember any of my dreams, but I wasn't screaming in the middle of the night. Perhaps I can get a doctor to prescribe Kübler to me?
  10. My "enthusiasm" is growing! I am now quite glad I got the Kübler since it is 1 liter! Might have to order again soon...
  11. You know, it never even OCCURED to me to check my local liquor store! I mean, here in Oklahoma I'm surrounded by dry counties and buying alcohol is still illegal on Sunday! I'm thinking absinthe might get here in a decade...but I could be wrong. I'll go look. I still can't get used to not being able to buy wine at the grocery store.
  12. Hey, I am NOT getting addicted! They aren't cravings, I just kinda sorta have to have one when I get home.... Besides, it takes 30 days for something to become a habit....
  13. I have to admit, it is growing on me. I have had one every day and I find myself looking forward to it more and more. I do find the tongue numbing sensation a bit disconcerting though.....
  14. I'm saving up for Roquette and PF 1901, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I'm thinking I should have started with Lucid, but that's my nature, second guessing every action I take...BTW, thanks everyone for the welcomes!!
  15. I just received the bottle of Kübler I ordered and cracked it open. Apparently I was not meant for absinthe. All I could taste was anise, and I tried adding some sugar to make it more to my liking but it didn't seem to sweeten the flavor, just made it a sugary tartness. At about a 6:1 I am able to drink it. The deleterious effects seem to be more pronounced than similar strength beverages, which surprises me. I certainly don't feel any "lucidity". I guess I have to leave absinthe to the more refined palates of the world....