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  1. I'm always late to the party, huh? But I bring good news from the future past! I am doing an art show that is heavy on the absinthe imagery at one of the museums that turned me down years ago when I asked about my time travel photo shoot! https://www.facebook.com/victoriaswonderama For those who don't dig Bookface, check this out: http://www.victoriamansion.org/ The private opening is tomorrow night and I will be educating folks on the history and correct preparation of absinthe. We'll be serving Lucid as they are paying for it and it was the best the local liquor store carried (I may bring a few other things though for comparison in case folks get really interested. I still have a bit of Walton Waters for example...). Anyway, I am sorry I don't make it here too often, but I am so happy to see you are all doing well! Cheers! Retrogarde
  2. Thanks very much for the heads up! I'll keep an eye out for this issue when it hits the stands.
  3. I couple quick thoughts: I didn't find the taste objectionable, and it did remind me of oil mixes I had back when I didn't know better, so there's a strange bit of nostalgia. This certainly isn't the same thing as Absente or Grande Absente. I tried it with a sugar cube (too sweet), but without one it didn't seem sweetened to me at all. Absente is like treacle in comparison. My absolute favorite thing about it is the sloppy photoshopping on the label. The photo appears to be genuine, but they have added some oversized bottles to the table that aren't even close to being the same color as the rest of the photo. Really classy. EDIT: it's REALLY obvious on their website too. One quick question though: wasn't there a rule about the word Absinthe not being larger than the brand name on the label? It seems bigger to me, but maybe I'm just misremembering the rule.
  4. I was holding this book in my hands today, considering buying it, but I knew I needed to check here first (the WS instinct kicking in I guess). Glad to hear it's worth buying since it is so damn pretty. Pretty and useful? I'm sold!
  5. I voted too! Has she taken photos of babies drinking absinthe? 'Cause that's wicked cute.
  6. Ha! Now that would be fun to explain... Well, aren’t we well connected? I doubt anyone famous (marginally or otherwise) will ever foot the bill for an international trip for me again, so I've got to enjoy it while I can, right? Now if I can just teach them to drink absinthe properly...
  7. CDG is a crappy airport? Well damn, that's bad news as FIRST I have a five hour layover in Newark (which I've been led to believe is pretty crappy too). My flight is being paid for by Laibach so I can't really complain though. As for security I'm used to it. For some reason I get pulled for searches every time I fly. Ever since 9/11 I've been picked out of the lineup, sometimes multiple times in the same terminal. But I've got nothing to hide and I'm a friendly guy, so I'll take it in stride if it happens in France. I wish I spoke French even a little though... Wish me luck!
  8. Thanks guys. That's what I figured. In my dreams there's a doorway into the Moulin Rouge just past the McDonald's kiosk where I can go dance with a midget artist and drink Pernod Fils until my flight is called. Too bad. Bobt: you have a long memory sir! Fear not, I will report on my Laibach adventure as soon as I return!
  9. Next month I'll be enjoying a two hour layover in Charles de Gaulle airport. Not enough time to leave the terminal, so I'm just curious if there is *anything* worthwhile (and absinthe related) to check out while I'm there. I'll be in Berlin for a week and will no doubt stop in at the Absinth Depot, but I'm a hell of a lot more savvy than the last time I was there back in '04. I'm curious to see what they are carrying these days.
  10. Although I highly recommend ordering it from your local indie bookstore, you can click here to see what I'm talking about over on Amazon. I picked up a copy today and it is a real hoot. Quite a few nudes in it as well which made me smile. It's the coloring book 6th grade boys (and some girls) won't want to be without!
  11. A local bar is showing off absinthe spoons made by a Maine based metal working collective starting tonight. Click here to have a look at what they came up with. I didn't know about it until after they had started crafting the pieces, or else I would have given them some tips on actual usage. At one point they were asking me to write up a quick history of absinthe spoons, but they never got back to me on that. Oh well. At least these folks won't be in favor of lighting the absinthe on fire!
  12. Ha. I looked at the title of this thread too quickly and thought that it was about the dude Michael Alig killed in the NYC club scene. But that was "Angel" Melendez. My bad.
  13. Believe it or not, that glass held a beautiful milky white louche as light as the saucer and sugar cubes. Funny things happen in photography I guess. It's a mirror image as well, but that really only stands out to me.
  14. Better late than never! Hope it was a good one Scuto!