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  1. Happy birthday to my dear Mister Hiram Here's to another year younger: hieperdepieperdepiephoera!
  2. Thank you-thank you-thank you! All your birthday wishes made a good start to a great day!
  3. Condolences to you Molly. You were a wonderful and generous friend to him and he couldn't have been more blessed to have you by his side during his illness. Much strength to you. Here's to Ray
  4. Oh snap. I didn't see this bit until after I had made my post Merry birthdays to all.
  5. Woah! I'm very happy for you guys Congratulations and the very best to both of you.
  6. Happy birthday to you, handsome. Here's to another year younger! Wishing you and the Maggiecat a wonderful evening
  7. It is considered polite to introduce oneself before going off on a banter.
  8. Cigarettes: my brand is Camel (lights), I particularly like Turkish Silver and Turkish Royal. I also like the more authentic Turkish cigarette brands such as Turkish Specials and Jockey Club. Loose tobacco: McClintock, Samson, and Drum. Bali is okay, but I find the flavour to be a little too strong. I think the overall flavour of the roll-your-own cigs also depends on the paper you use...some of the rice paper Rizlas are very light (and slow-burning) compared to the regular papers such as Drum and Samson.
  9. You should keep it there and let it gain interest
  10. Purrr purrr purrrday to you Purrr purrr purrrday to you Purrr purrr purrrday dear kitten Purrr purrr purrrday to you!