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  1. THX... though the drunk dial wasn't me. That dude (Tim) recently came out of the closet and left his wife of 14 years haha!!
  2. *bites tongue* Um, hi Selmac...
  3. Ya got that right. I did manage to find ice at the "American" restarant down the street, which they placed in a grocery bag for me. Big round ice with the hole-in-the-middle though. You shoulda seen me trying to prepare the ice for my Terragona sample. I smashed the ice in an ashtray using the bottom of a hotel room water glass. Don't ask me what I had to wipe out of the ashtray...
  4. I think someone's "teabag" was left in too long...
  5. So that's what happened to it. The running joke at ThujoneTest was just what to do with the "Doobs".
  6. Y'all should gather in the "make out" room. I'd love to see pics of that...
  7. I thought somewhere on that site it said cameras weren't allowed and would be confiscated... or is that only during "naughty" nights?
  8. I paid a visit to that nice little shop as well, but unfortunately I didn't meet Luc as he was out and wasn't to return until the day we left for Bayeux. Funny thing too... we had walked there all the way from the area of the Louvre, and the tiny shop had been quiet all day of course until the minute we showed up. It was hard to get around and have a good look, and one of the people who followed us in seemed to be buying out the contents of the store. I also made it out to Cantada II, where the fountain they serve from looked more like a bong or some sort of science apparatus. The water wasn't cold (no ice was used) and the bar man liked to serve the absinthe 1:1, but other than that... Glad you had a good time. Fortunately for me, I don't have to think about work until Monday.
  9. Ugh. The morning after a wine tasting party is a not-so-gentle reminder of why I should have been drinking absinthe. Shoulda coulda woulda.
  10. <-- And yes... I am most definitely lit at the moment.
  11. Woa! That's a Hugh G. ASS Besançon if'n I ever seen one...