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  1. haha, I'm downloading the movie right now actually
  2. You'd think everyone has seen Moulin Rouge and EuroTrip. BTW, I've had "Scotty Doesnt Know" stuck in my head for the past 2 days.
  3. Champaign-Urbana, IL - Home of University of Illinois (and yes I know we lost the Rose Bowl, I would like to forget that fact) One of my favorite podcasts is out of KW Ontario
  4. I heard to use a sports bottle, with the little spout. I know how to get those to drip too. I'll probably go grab one of those from Walmart when I go to pick up the cat food I forget yesterday (doh!). I can taste the 'rootbeer'-ness, and I remember having to get used to that flavor too... maybe I should intermittently eat vanilla ice cream while drinking this too...
  5. Wee! So my bottle of Lucid arrived today, and my boyfriend was so amused by my excitement, he decided it was cruel to make me wait a whole week. So I cracked it open, and completely botched my louche (I couldn't get the drip down, and it turned into a plop, drizzle, drizzle, drip, plop). At first I stopped at about a 3:1 ratio, and took a sip. I felt like my mouth got punched by an alcoholic black jelly belly... so I watered it down some more. Unfortunately all I can taste is fennel right now. I'm assuming its because I don't generally like that flavor, so its the most prominent to me. But the after taste is really nice, so I keep wanting to take more sips... hopefully I'll get used to the anise and fennel flavor and be able to actually taste the rest of the drink.
  6. I love pomegranate liqueur. My mom keeps making me pomtini's whenever I visit home. I'm currently drinking Sleepytime tea (Celestial Seasonings struck gold with this one), and I just bought a nice bottle of Cabernet... mmm tasty. I could tell you what brand, but that would require me to get up, and I'm already comfortable.
  7. Haha, I cant handle horror films at all, I had a nightmare from the Alien Vs Predator trailer... oddly enough I was raised in Crystal Lake (woo-eeee-ooooooooooh!!! .... why does that sound like the Dr. Who theme when I read it?)
  8. Actually Salsa, I wonder if his uncle told him that story while he was a little boy, and were just pulling his leg, and since he was tiny he believed them. I remember being told some ridiculous stuff as a kid, just so my family could play with my innocent gullibility... ... jerks.
  9. ... sounds to me like we officially have a winner! I really like mint a lot, but I'm getting tired of peppermint, so I'm searching out more spearmint instead. My boyfriend has a hybiscus that's divine, and I've been experimenting with some jasmine, but I have yet to buy some of my own. Lately I'm really liking rooibos. I kept stealing some of my friends, and so my boyfriend bought me a box of Rooibos Pomagranate for Chanukah, but it tastes more like pomegranate than anything else. Um, other than that, I like chamomile, hate rose, not to fond of chai, and usually like anything with fruit in it, but I'm getting bored with fruit. Looking to get my hands on more flowers.
  10. Yay hookah! Since my absinthe won't arrive till tomorrow (and even then, I'm -supposed- to wait till next Sunday so my boyfriend can try it with me), I had to settle myself with breaking out the ole hooka, and brewing up a cup of herbal tea. Now, all my shisha is actually Al-Amir, and I was wondering why it was suggested to be avoided. I find it to be rather nice, but I admit, I have no idea what other varieties I've tried in other settings. It's possible I've never had really high quality shisha.
  11. I probably will try and find one with more of a wormwood flavor. I tend to favor an equal bitterness to sweetness taste. I also was intrigued by the 'spicy' flavor in Lucid. I really won't know what to look for until I try it out though, which is why I've been getting so impatient... I keep forcing myself to look at prices before I get my heart set on buying another bottle, haha.
  12. Luscious Oily Lesbians!, that actually the funniest misconception I've heard. I've heard some ridiculous stuff myself too, I just would have hoped that someone obsessed with herbs, like myself, would know her plants. Sometimes I just get lazy, and forget to think.
  13. Is it illegal because of the thujone or the alcohol content? I do believe that there are restrictions to the alcohol content that is allowed to be sold in certain places. Plus if its HG (homemade) its not legal to sell at all.
  14. My name is Môrgan. I'll be 24 in a few weeks, and I'm a college student in IL. I can't remember how I found this website, but it was after a couple hours of web surfing stuff about absinthe, so that's probably pretty explanatory. I actually have yet to sample absinthe, as my bottle isn't scheduled to arrive until tomorrow (and then I have to convince my boyfriend to let me try it before he comes back which isn't until next Sunday >.< ) I originally was put off by the thought of absinthe as I have no interest in hallucinating, or getting high or any other form of intoxication (I admit, I've been drunk once or twice, but very very rarely on purpose). It was actually Wikipedia that sparked my interest. I was actually looking up chamomile, because I was wondering why it was a sedative (if anyone can explain this to me, I would greatly appreciate it, as I found no information to back up any medical reasons the stuff works), which ended up with "the Wikipedia effect" Chamomile is a disambiguation page - which lead to the family Asteraceae - which includes not only German Chamomile Matricaria recutita (what we commonly just call chamomile) but also Artemisia absinthium which interestingly the link sent me straight to absinthe, not wormwood. Well I was intrigued, as I had originally thought that absinthe was made of wood alchohol, which is why it made one hallucinate (I'm pretty sure this was me being ignorant and thinking wormwood was a type of tree... I'm lame, i know). So I read on, trying to find what it was that made it a drug. Thats when I discovered, the myth, and in the process became intrigued by the idea of a new flavor I had yet to explore. I love food and drink. I love tea, wine, beer, cheeses, desserts, savory dishes, ethnic dishes, liqueurs, cocktails, anything that has a unique and interesting flavor or smell, I'm obsessed with trying it. So I ordered a bottle of Lucid (easy to get in America, and seemed like a good choice to cut my teeth on) as my birthday gift to myself. I generally dislike the flavor of licorice, but I am so intrigued by this drink, that I'm willing to acquire the taste... plus my boyfriend simply loves licorice, so there ya go. That's my story.
  15. All in all amongst the talk of 'decent' or 'not' I suppose it really is just like any other liqour. - it may not be the best stuff, but sometimes, dont ya just want wine out of a box? - In the end, it just comes down to, what can I drink in a pinch that doesnt taste like cough syrup.