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  1. I found a bag of dried wormwood in my local hippie store, and it made me wonder what exactly one would do with the stuff. Anyone know?
  2. well save for they typo with 'Rodolophe', -daas what I said-.... Yup! I'm mildly obsessed with the whole bohemian "Montmartre" theme.
  3. Thank you for all the bday wishes! I wasn't on yesterday because I was too busy, but I came on today specifically to see all my well wishes and thank you all. I had a really nice day, I slept in kinda late, and then spent a good portion of the day reading, and just cuddling with the boyfriend. Got to talk to an old very dear friend, and my Grandma called. Then at night we went to Olive Garden, where I got surprisingly drunk on a single glass of wine (I dont know why it hit me so hard so quick), and then figured since I was already too sloshed to drive home, I might as well order the Frozen Tiramisu, dessert drink, which consists of Amaretto, Kahlua, some Italian vanilla liqueur and ice cream. It was amazing. Then we went to a local pub, and I had some more drinks with the boy and my best friend (who was apparently the only one who loved me enough to show up to the bar), where I oddly enough sobered up (apparently its just fruit based drinks that get me drunk like that), and gave me a little picture of that "Tournee du Chat Noir de Rpdolphe Salis" that I do love so much. I had a good time.
  4. My boyfriend and I would never survive if I didnt live by this motto.
  5. Oh its okay, I dont he seems to find amusement in picking on me, so I just pick back.
  6. well then apparently I'm just wrong. I dont know, I was just making an observational guess...picky
  7. I imagine its something similar to getting yeast to work. I'll look it up for you.
  8. Lucid louched with tonic water, and turning leaf Cabernet (I still cant get over how good Cabernet is... or Reisling and Champagne for that matter).
  9. I have a new thing to add. Didnt know where to put it, so this seemed an appropriate place. I mentioned to a coworker today that I got a bottle of absinthe, and of course this started a discourse amongst all in hearing range (which was a bit of my intention. My work is boring). It ended with the guy next to me telling me that he has a real bottle of Absinthe absinthe... "Like, the brand... absinthe." "No, there's no 'brand' absinthe, absinthe is a type of drink, who, like, distilled it?" "No, it says 'ABSINTHE' right on the bottle, I still have it." "Well bring it in tomorrow, I wanna see." I tried looking through the reviews to see if it was something in there, but we're not allowed to go online except during break, and I was dragged to the gas station for most of that. ... he also said absinthe was started in Prague...
  10. ...as for the Paypal donation button, it might be a good idea to plug when the podcast gets into full gear. I've heard some of the other casters get a good deal of stuff just so long as they mention in every episode how important it is. Also, deo, from deo's Shadow does commercials in his podcast too. They're on topic, and he usually clumps them together, so you can just fast forward after the point where you've got them all memorized, but I know I've visited every place at least once, and not just out of the kindness of my heart. With the paid membership, it doesnt have to be big fancy stuff. I'd go for one of them spiffy tshirts. Actually I was thinking of getting something with the Hemingway quote for my boyfriend for his bday/our anniversary. Maybe you can make an exclusive one for members only.
  11. I knew there was a reason I liked this place! This is basically the method I eventually came to after years of living on my own in a college town, with what-ever-beatnik-nouveau-term friends: Find a drink or two you really like, for me its Amaretto and Spiced Rum, and then find a bunch of simple cocktails featuring those drinks. Then just keep some stuff for that. It lends itself to a lot of "lazy" versions of drinks, but in the end, if it tastes good, you got a winner.
  12. What are the benefits of a paid membership? I searched the site and haven't seen any other mention of this. I subscribed to the podcast before I even joined the forums, I'm really excited to see where it goes!
  13. HAHA! I've found my mix, to make the absinthe a bit more palatable to me while I get accustomed to the anise flavor (which I'm finding myself quickly getting used to), I mixed a little tonic water into what I still have left over from Monday (I've been storing it in my fridge and mixing it with various things to see what I like), and for some reason, it just killed whatever harshness I was having issues with. I'm going to ween myself off the tonic eventually, but for the time being it works and frankly, I think it tastes wonderful!
  14. Judging by how many people said "I love La Fee!" ... yeah.
  15. http://www.bpal.org/index.php?showtopic=12...mp;#entry482247 theres a whole forum on it. Everyone seems to say that its smells... well, like absinthe. A bit more lemon and mint than I think is normal of most absinthes, although I've been sensing quit a bit of the menthol.