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  1. Hehe.. There's the bright side to the situation.
  2. Not talented.. Just very large keys.
  3. Can we at least agree that Jades are made with quality in mind? Whether Ted achieves that goal could be debated (and it is), but he's certainly trying to make a high quality absinthe. He's not just pumping out hog piss to make money.
  4. For me it was a matter of necessity. I spent four years in The Marine Corps, and one of the many rules is lance corporals and below can't have more than a six pack in their room (and no hard alcohol at all). Of course that didn't stop any of us from having more. I kept a six pack of beer in my refrigerator, and hid the rest in drawers, closets, under my bed, etc. That meant drinking a lot of warm beer, and I learned to like it. I think a warm beer has more flavor, and it goes down smoother.
  5. You won't find me failing not to disagree with the wrongness of that statement. My head just exploded from reading those two statements. Don't even ask me how I'm typing this.
  6. It's all good. My query seems to have been addressed as fully as possible, so there's nothing else to say here on the subject.
  7. And here comes peridot.. So eager to steer a thread into another cosmos.
  8. Ha! You're right. I think.. I'll just.. back out of.. the room now, before I start seeing pitch forks and torches.
  9. Although a few people noticed the same thing, it doesn't look like anyone had any answers. I wonder what that says about the quality of Jades?
  10. So for the past couple days I've been enjoying a bottle of PF 1901, and last night I noticed something that I hadn't seen in any other absinthe I've tried; It seems to be unlouching. I use my redneck dripper to add water, and that takes about 6-7 minutes. After about 15 minutes of sipping from my glass, I can see the absinthe at the bottom of the glass is clear, while the louched absinthe floats above it. Since the PF 1901 has a nice light emerald color, and what I'm seeing at the bottom of the glass is clear, I can only assume that the absinthe and water are separating, and the water is sinking to the bottom. Is that normal?
  11. Fantastic! Thanks for the tip. He does have a nice little variety of mini bottles.
  12. I want to try a lower quality absinthe for a couple reasons. The first is you can't really know what's good, until you know what's bad. My first bottle of absinthe was Nouvelle-Orléans, and my second was Kübler. Although I knew I liked the NO, I didn't realize just how good it was until I tried the Kübler. Kübler helped put the NO into perspective. Secondly I want to immerse myself in the absinthe culture. I want to try everything from A to Z, and build up a personal knowledge base of absinthes. It would be great if I could find airplane size bottles of different brands of absinthe. I've noticed La Fée sells something like that. That way I can try different brands without spending too much money, or having a bunch of uncorked bottles laying around the house that I'll never drink.
  13. I was actually thinking of La Fée. It seems to be regarded -- at least around here -- as a sub-par absinthe. At the same time, it's pretty popular.
  14. Hey all, So far I've had Nouvelle-Orléans, Jade PF 1901, and Kübler. Now I'm looking to try what most would consider a bottom shelf absinthe. Not a drink that makes people hurl, but an absinthe that's not so great either. I want to run through the whole spectrum of absinths; from good to bad. Any suggestions?
  15. Depends on how you drink it. I drink mine at room temperature. That's not as refreshing as a glass of ice water, and that's basically what Bud Light is.