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  1. Actually I was making a jab at you because you're totally the guy who would give an answer such as that. But that's my newbie humor crashing and burning. In other news, I tried what you said, and it works like a charm. Also, drinking more works well too. I'm begining to discern the different levels of flavor, not that pernod and absente are incredibly complex.
  2. Oh Fernet, how I love you. I'm a native Italian, been drinking the stuff since I was a child. Good for the stomach, good with tonic water, good with coca-cola. Beer is good with coca-cola too. Don't know one person who has ever done this, besides my brother, but most people who try it love it. But this is off topic. Fernet. I do believe the recipe is a secret garnered from some monks. Also, Fernet and espresso is delicious. I mix most everything with two things before anything else: espresso, coke.
  3. Hey thanks, alright that makes perfect sense kuchenhure, I'm not really coming off as the slightly more intelligent person that I am. And Hiram, I would never think that you would be the serious connosieur type who give an answer such as that... Which brings me to my next point. It's great you mentioned the disabling of the palate, because now I'm wondering what it is exactly one looks for in a good, quality absinthe. With wine and beer I know what I'm looking for, things like tannins, acidity, astringency, body, mouth feel, and any flavors (tobacco, fruit, minerals). What flavors, for example would one look for in absinthe? Slightly related and maybe funny story... the first time I drank Tanqueray all I could taste was a fresh pine mountain distillery that had exploded all over the fresh pine and mountain. Oh, and the only reason I'm focused on getting as much out of my pastis experience is because I've got a bottle of Pernod which isn't that bad (especially with coffee) that I have to get off my hands and a bottle of Absente... which I regret ever buying, but am determined to have it serve some purpose. I tried telling the guy it wasn't absinthe, and he said "it says so on my screen sir, it's marketed as (what her pronounced) absinthe". And I told him "that would be like branding your wine: wine or your beer: beer." He didn't get it. No one ever effing gets it.
  4. It is becoming obvious that I need to search not once, not twice, but at least five times to make sure I've exhausted the resource. I search I promise. It's a pet peeve of mine that the search isn't used as often as it should in many cases. I thought it was strange no one brought it up before, and apperantely, they have. Thanks android TZ3!
  5. Palates, like muscles and the brain and a bunch of other stuff in the human body, can be trained. I'm currently getting it acquainted with the taste of Pernod Fils and Absente, with only one real achievement: licorice, lingering menthol. Assuming there is a subtlety to these brands, I'm not getting anything... yet. But persitence is the idea here I guess, and it's so much better to practice making and drinking something than it is to, say, practice calculus. I know what tastes good to me so far in terms of ratios of water to Pernod, but what's a more traditional ratio? Also, how does this "parts" system work? One part this to three parts that, for example. And, Pernod and Absente are so damned sweet on their own, should I be using sugar here?
  6. I'm honored that my first post was a fruitful one. Good debate, very informative. I was acutally thinking about this very thing, and a similar, more broad issue, of doing things the way you like vs. doing things they way they've been traditionally done. And now back to work...
  7. So, now the obvious newcomer question, where's the "what should I try first" section?
  8. Well thanks again guys, I'll keep you posted on what happens. Also, damn you guys are fast with these replies. I guess you must really like absinthe, heh.
  9. Glad to be a member of the forum. I've been using the site for a while, and have been itching for absinthe since back in the pre-ban days. I suppose this is where the journey begins.
  10. So... Well, first off, I've been around here for a while, how I missed the "Newcomers Welcome" is beyond me, then, I once tried to get a bottle of wine shipped to my house with my old man's name on it for a special you're getting old here's alcohol birthday gift and I swear I might have well have threatened to do very bad things to very important people, they were like bulldogs in a crack house trying to sniff out what i was up to. Eventually it got to me. So, alright, thanks, I'll try and order some. I'll follow directions now.
  11. The Wormwood Society has helped me come to understand this thing called absinthe for a while now. What I'd like to do now is get my hands on some. Georgia's got some annoying alcohol laws, no sales on Sunday (one of only three states that does this I do believe and the only one in the south) and no shipping of alcohol to the home, and now I've come to find it has extremely uneducated staff at its liquor stores, even at the finer establishments. Many of the people I've called tell me there's no way I can get it because it's "illegal due to its hallucinogenic properties"... that's a direct quote, as is this "If it's legal, sir, it would be a surprise to me." Obviously I surprised him by giving him a bit of schooling on the matter. All I can find is pastis and I wanna try the real thing. No one seems to have the passion for these things (alcohol, all kinds) that I do and it pisses me off because they tell me "Well sir, I hear this is basically absinthe" and don't have the drive to maybe help me out and maybe expand their knowledge of the industry I don't know, anyway. Anyone else in here in Georgia with any success. For the GA-ians: I've tried the high end and the famous, like Tower, with no luck. I'm sure I'm missing an obvious choice of places to look, as usual whenever I need a rare or special bottle of something or another.