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  1. A 1914 Pernod Fils that has been hidden in the sock drawer for just this day thanks again Eric! I am going to enjoy this one
  2. Bill Douglas with the album circle of moons... I'm a sucker for Bassoon and Oboe...
  3. welcome to the forum! And yet another one closer to home for me ^.^
  4. sampling that navelday present from my brother; Vista Alegre Porto; 10 years old Tawny
  5. Sipping Nimes whilst on a break from the workshop and listening to Doc and Richard Watson singing "Milk Cow Blues"
  6. .... always a favourite amongst bar staff during these days
  7. After putting in 16 hours shifts a day in the workshop in preparation for the Great Game Fairs of Ireland the finest of greens I shared in were my bed linens, as for once I didn't have the night shift in the pub... ..though I did dapple in a pint of Crabbies Ginger Beer and some applewood cheese before bed. Gotta make those dreams interesting!
  8. I rather liked the Whitewater Copperhead Ale when we had it (only brielfy), though the Crown&Glory Ale isn't bad either! Also in love with Badger Ales.. they've got some real treats between there! The Golden Glory one is absolutely fabulous on a hot sunners day!
  9. Never gone Absomphe, just covered under all that life throws at us Main water pipe blowing, kitchen kicking it, blocked sewers.. I'll stop there Good to be reading through the topics again, but WAYYY behind on all things
  10. Managed to get my hands on a bottle of Old Comber 30yo in original box for my da as a 'thank you' for all the help, and because it was his birthday as well. Getting the bottle has proven to be easier than getting him to open it and try! Personally I'm very fond of the Black Bush, plus it's more affordable in these crappy economic times for me;) Also, in regards to the hot toddy (same for the hot ports as well) we always serve it with a slice of lemon and the cloves as Brian mentioned. The smell and taste of either is enough to warm anyone!
  11. Locally here there is a lovely little company called 'Suki Tea'. Their spiced citrus (Black tea, apple, orange pieces, cinnamon, cloves, cardomom and pink pepper) was absolutely divine this winter! It was also used as a tannin base in my winter soltice mead and really hits the spot. Teavanna is another one I frequent... but mostly for their cups and pots. Gotta love those dragonflies! For my flowering teas I buy at The Exotic Teapot. Again, it's closest to me, and so far they've had best value for money.
  12. Last night was the first sipping of the left-overs from bottling the Solstice spiced mead Not too shabby!
  13. Tonight I'll be busy wishing I could have a drink... but trying to replenish our financial status by working night shifts in the pub.