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  1. Finally refused to pay supermarket prices and hit the local produce spot. 4x the lemons and 5x the limes for the same price. So first, a Wood Eye Cocktail, and on to my long time favorite Mai Tai. Still a favorite as it's an improvement on the Wood Eye. If I make it to a real Hurricane I may not be functioning since it's a simple 2 oz. lemon juice, 2 oz. passion fruit, and 4 oz. of rum; probably Mt. Gay XO since my old, old bottle of Zacapa 23 is getting low and I don't think todays is quite the same that it used to be. Wood Eye Cocktail 1 ½ oz Jamaican rum (Appleton V/X) ¾ oz lemon juice, freshly squeezed ½ oz orgeat ½ oz Don’s Mix ½ oz Pusser’s rum a float of Lemon Hart 151 rum Shake all but the Lemon Hart over ice and strain into your favorite tiki mug or an old fashioned glass with fresh cubes. Carefully float enough Lemon Hart 151 on top to give it a discernable layer about as thick as two American quarters or, for our British friends, a one-pound coin. Sip the drink through the top layer and repeat as necessary.
  2. From my limited experience I can only state my favorite absinthe for a DITA is Doubs Mystique.
  3. Most definitely, gotta feel for the poor kid. A whole lot of pain for trying to drink "so-called cannabis absinthe", er, crapsinthe?
  4. A very belated :groupwave reversed: Sorry to read of your difficulties. Best wishes.
  5. Thanks to all, and my fb friends I didn't reply to individually. Kathy and I had a nice lunch and I got a couple of long phone calls.. First from Laylah, my youngest daughter, who is living in Brooklyn and is expecting her first in April. Mer, an girlfriend from my days in Florida back in the 60's called last night. I'd spent a few days with her a couple of years ago when I flew down to Georgia so we could go to an NHRA event there. Had an Opus X with my morning coffee that was a bit disappointing, and a CAO Brazilia with Pyrat XO after lunch. And now that I'm 65 I can get one of the PA senior fishing licenses, either yearly reduced or lifetime.
  6. Impressive, a one year continuation? Hope it's a great