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  1. I'm just going on what's available at my local liquor store. They have Lucid on the shelf and did have the St. George. I did get a bottle of the St. George but I think I'll pick up the Lucid as well to start with. Thanks for the opinions.
  2. Thanks, Everybody. For those who commented on the avatar, it's actually a pic of the The Professor from Gilligan's Island in a dream sequence from an episode where he played an old man locked in a dungeon (the dream sequence had a "Jack and the Beanstalk" theme). I had a friend animate the pic to make it blink a couple of years ago and now I use it all over the place. People either love it or hate it.
  3. I go to ComicCon every year. It's a yearly rite of passage for us comic geeks. I would absolutely attend an Absinthe panel, especially if there was a tasting involved.
  4. It's not a big deal. I've been a "newb" at enough message boards to know you've got to expect to take some grief from the regulars no matter who you are. However, I do admit I've never been scolded for quoting on a message board. That's a new one. For me, it absolutely helps to clarify who you are replying to by using the quote feature and it's never been a distraction on any message board I've frequented. If anything, it makes things more sensible and orderly. But, I'm cool with it if the preference around here is not to quote. I'll do my best to abide.
  5. I worked in the Production department at DC. My title was Graphic Services Manager. I basically managed the in-house artists who made art and lettering corrections to the comics before they went to the printer. Pretty much everything DC published crossed my desk before it was sent out to be printed. As a longtime comic book geek, this was indeed a dream job. Good times.
  6. No, I have the Absinthe. I don't know why I thought they were calling it "Absente". My mistake.
  7. Got it. I only frequent one other message board where things move very quickly so "quoting" is often necessary. I'll get the hang of it here. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I am Hugo and am happy to find this site. I am 43-years-old and grew up in Palo Alto, CA. I lived in New York City from 1994-2002 where I worked for DC Comics and for a Cigar Magazine. It was through the friends and connections I made in the cigar world where my intrigue with Absinthe first began. After all, Absinthe is the forbidden fruit -- a similar allure to that of Cuban cigars -- so I was eager to learn more. I first dabbled with Absinthe about 7-8 years ago. An acquaintance of mine recommended Betina Wittels as a source of real Absinthe so I ordered a couple of bottles of her Suisse LeBleue (sp?) on two separate occasions. I was never that impressed with that drink and was unsure if I was getting the real deal or not. There was just something fishy about her operation, the prices, and the whole ordering process that made me wonder, and ultimately decide it wasn't worth it. The result of that experience caused me to think very little about Absinthe until a few weeks back when I saw a news report on TV about the new St. George US-made "Absente". I headed immediately to a local specialty liquor store and was luckily able to obtain a bottle for $75. That purchase piqued my curiosity about Absinthe, which led to some Web searches, and now here I am. It's been great fun reading all the information and reviews on this site and I look forward to learning more. I won't ask for people to make recommendations for bottles to try (I'm busy reading the reviews and compiling my own "must try" list) but if anybody wants to volunteer some pointers or mention their favorite brands or vendors, I certainly won't complain! Thanks!
  9. Thank you for the welcome. I'm quoting you here because I'm responding directly to your post. I hope that's alright. I'll go over to the Newcomer's section in a moment and properly introduce myself, but first, in response to your advice: I originally bought the bottle of St. George to drink but I am a collector at heart (not of absinthe but of many other fine things), and have since read that this bottle might be a unique collectible since it's a first bottling of the first US-made absinthe, so now I am torn about opening it. It's not that I'm looking to make a profit but I like owning things that are rare, unique, or special. It's the collector mentality. I doubt I can get another bottle but I may go and try. The same liquor store also carries Lucid, so I could easily get that if I just want to drink absinthe, or I may just go online and order something from overseas. Then again I hate the idea of not drinking (or smoking) something that's made to be enjoyed! So we'll see. I may hold the St. George for 6 months or so and see when they come out with a second bottling and then go from there. Anyway, I'm learning a lot here in the short time since I've found the site so it's been great fun. I had a brief dalliance with Absinthe courtesy of Betina Wittels about 8 years ago, which may explain why I haven't bothered with it again until now. OK, I'll go intro myself in the Newcomers area now. Thanks again for the welcome. Much appreciated.
  10. I picked up a bottle of the St. George a few days before New Year's at K&L in Redwood City. I had asked about it and they said they had a few bottles in back and were able to get me one. Price was around $75. I haven't tried it yet and am a relative beginner to absinthe so I'm not sure how constructive my comments would be anyway. Now I'm having people telling me not to drink it because the sealed first run bottle will be a nice collector's item in time.