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  1. My cousin's friend purchased a bottle from Mexico and had it imported a few months back. It cost $200, but worst of all, it turned out to be Lucid. :D
  2. These are the only ones i have tried so far (and in preference/order): Jade Edouard Jade PF1901 Jade Verte Suisse Jade Nouvelles Orleans Lucid
  3. I actually thought of doing that the past few times, but then i feel like it's cheating. I tried the Nouvelle Orleans with my pal, which he has yet to try until today. Then i tried the PF1901. I really like the Edouard, but the PF1901 seems to taste more flowery. I don't know how to describe it, but it just tastes like there are more flavours in there and it's quite fragrant. Maybe it's fennel. It definitely tasted like a lot more flowery though. As in how flowers smell, like roses. Not necessarily a rose though. I think fennel has the same smell/taste that i was smelling/tasting. My pal was only able to drink 1, since he had to go do some late shopping afterwards, but went ahead and poured another for me. I think i will try the Verte Suisse next time he comes over as i believe that is the only one he has not tried yet. I think i overwatered the Nouvelle Orleans (4:1 ratio) this time. I usually pour a 3:1 or 3.5:1
  4. My pal is coming over to visit and I have not made up my mind which one to try tonight. Maybe i can sneak in 2 glasses. I want to retry the PF1901, but i also want to retry the Verte Suisse and Nouvelles Orleans. I haven't had the PF1901 in nearly 3 months, though.
  5. The homepage was opening a new window for me as well, which i found hilarious. I was using IE7 at the time.
  6. Ok, after a much long ado from tasting, I finally got a chance to try the rest of my bottles. I was able to taste the following: Jade: Edouard (few days ago) Verte Suisse (tonight) Nouvelles Orleans (tonight) Previously, I had tried the PF1901 and Lucid. It's been quite a while (at least 3 months) since i have tasted the PF1901, but I think, personally, that the Edouard is the smoothest one to drink of all of them. The Verte Suisse also tasted very similar to the Edouard, but just without the extra bite. The "funky/bitter" aroma of the Edouard was definitely the mildest of them all as well. I had invited my friend over who was here with me to originally try the PF1901 and Lucid. I also invited another good pal of mine to taste a few as well. They all felt the Edouard was the smoothest one to drink as well. I think they both tried the Edouard and my new drinking partner tried the Nouvelles Orleans and a sample of my Verte Suisse. All in all, it was a great night. We had ordered Take-out Chinese food beforehand and managed to not throw it up after the sampling. I was kind of afraid, because we've never really drank absinthe right after dinner and i wasn't sure how we would react to it. I'm going to try the PF1901 next just to doublecheck my initial thoughts, so i can remember the taste. (Maybe in a week) Edit: Also, I finally bought 10 T-corks at that place you mentioned, thegreenimp. Thanks for the tip! I soaked 3 overnight and then put them in 3 of the corked bottles. I am soaking one tonight and will replace the Verte Suisse cork tomorrow night. I successfully managed to remove the corks from all 4 bottles with no problems this time. I'm learning! :D
  7. I just saw that Vegas clip. That was hilarious! In addition, as Hiram, said, at least they didn't "burn the house down" during the ad. Also, I do agree that even bad press is good for the drink. It will just speed up the rest of the bottles for importation into the US. At the rate i am going, my bottles will last at least till the end of next yea if not longer, so maybe i won't have to order online. Although, i was very impressed with the LdF site taking care of my orders.
  8. Wow, nice trip! We walked all over the place for about 4 days and it felt like I was mountain climbing every day from the soreness, so I was with you in spirit. I really liked the hotel, before we got there. It was under construction inside, so there was constant jack hammering or some kind of hammering going on for the whole week. It went on from 7am to 10 or 11pm. May have been going on during the hours of sleep, but I was pretty exhausted physically, so sleep wasn't really a problem through the noise. I was quite dismayed at how they didn't have a whole lot of Egyptian-themed loot to purchase in the gift shops. Sure, a lot of it was Luxor swag, but I was kind of hoping they would have a lot of neat stuff like little mummies or urns and hieroglyphic stuff. Of course, I remembered that Egypt had trademarked the pyramids a while back and I think they were trying to sue the Luxor, if they didn't stop selling the miniature pyramids, so I am sure that had a lot to do with it. I love Hippos and I fortunately found a few stone-carved hippos at the last shop we visited in there. They had a giant hippo statue as decoration, but it was tucked away and we only found it, because my pal had noticed it when he had gone to pick up a Mind freak store souvenir. It was right next to the shop. I'm not much of a gambler or drinker, and really want to keep my lungs, but I feel like I lost 5 years of my life on the second-hand smoke alone. I had quite a good time, though. I spent a lot of money, rather than waste it on casino games.
  9. First off, I hope this hasn't been posted before and it's been a few months since I have been here. It's a long story and part of it sadly entails me not being able to drink my absinthe for 2 months. I got about a week left and then i can drink it again. *shakes fist at medicine* I went to Las Vegas for my brother-in-laws wedding and we stayed at the Luxor. They had a blue lounge in the center and my wife showed me the drink list and it had a bottle of Kübler for $300. YIKES, the same bottle you would go buy at the store for $60 or $70! On to the real purpose of this thread: My pal just sent me a link today about a place called Absinthe Lounge in my very own town, Houston. I asked my pal what brands they served and he said it didn't say, but he said, "wait, it's not quite an absinthe lounge..." Of course, he also said something else as soon as he went to their site, which I will let you view for yourself. Now, before you click, PLEASE don't beat me after you see it. http://absinthelounge.com/ I chuckled for a good 5 mins with him about it after he told me about what kind of picture they used for the website as well as their star attraction for the drink. I just got home and viewed the site for myself and checked out their names for the cocktails.
  10. ok, thanks for all of the helpful advise. I will just put my quest aside for now. The money i was going to spend on the cooler is now going to a playstation 3, because we need to get a DVD player and i figured I might as well get a blu-ray player. A lot of people recommend the playstation as an excellent dvd player and since most competing players are the same price, i figured it would be the best route to go. Of course, the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto 4 is ENTIRELY coincidental and if i buy the system and the game, i get a whopping $25 sony dvd player remote for free at Best Buy. I do plan on getting the T-corks from that local wine shop that thegreenimp suggested this weekend, though. Now to celebrate, I shall go have a glass. It's been nearly a week and a half, since my last one. I planned to try and have a wee nip once a week, but i have been having problems sticking to the schedule.
  11. I just got back from returning the one that is too small. I found this one for $450 at Fry's: http://www.avantiproducts.com/index.php?pa...ducts&id=16 I didn't buy it, because i wanted to read the reviews on it, which i can't really find any at the moment. Looks like an actual refrigerator, instead of a thermo-electric, which is a plus, because i saw a compressor on the bottom in the back. It's kind of a waste, though, because I can either fit 3 or 6 bottles in the bottom and that's about it. :(
  12. This is quite correct. Houston doesn't usually have a real winter and the fall is quite mild, so AC is on 8 or 9 months of the year at least for me. :o
  13. Thanks for the replies. I should note that The highest temp i let it get to is that. I just have the AC set to 77/78 when i am not home and then turn it down to 74 when i get home. During the cooler times of the year i should be ok, but i was just more worried about summer time.
  14. First off, I was not sure if this should have gone here or in the Gadgets/Gismos area, so I apologize if I posted in the wrong area. I did a search for cooler and storage and I did find some nice information, but I am trying to find out the answer to the following equation: I would like to store about 6-8 bottles vertically/upright in a little cooling unit. I have ordered a Wine cooler and it just arrived. It's this one: Ye Olde Tyme Link I took all of the measurements of the bottle and the cooler and, sadly, since I couldn't see the cooler in person before ordering, I had to just pray to the green fairy that the inside casing would not be 3 inches thick on the top and bottom, so the bottle would fit. Well, it was. :o So here I am with a cooler that I need to return. I got online and started looking at Target and a few other places and was reading about the "thermo-electric" wine coolers and a lot of people are saying these don't actually cool. I was looking at one like this: Ye Olde Tyme Link It's hot down here in Houston and I would like to get some kind of storage solution. I keep the house at 77/78 most of the time, but I think I can do better at least the location of my cache. I currently store them on the bottom cabinet in my "butler's pantry," which is just a little storage area in a hallway that has cabinets and a fancy little countertop. I have seen many recommendations on the storage specifics, (55-65, upright, dark, no rubber/plastic corks, etc.) but I would like to know specifically what models of coolers people are using to store their bottles in an upright manner. The one link I saw in a thread was for this one: Ye Olde Tyme Link However, the height is even less than the Cuisinart model that I bought, by about an inch. Of course, if it's not 3 inches deep inside on the top and bottom, then it might work. Also, I was targeting 150-300 gold as the price, mostly targetting something around 200 gold. Thanks, as always, in advance. edited for: comma usage and a fragment removal.
  15. I did suggest it, but they kept complaining about how strong the aroma is. They are used to drinking everything with coke I guess.