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  1. O.K. I'm back.... I've been out of the Cluster ''zone'' for a few months, so I decided to dance with the Fairy. All's well, so far so good... I am enjoying a glass right now. I started drinking absinthe for a couple weeks with no signs of the clusters, I'm a happy cat right now. I really have to listen to my body and back off booze completely when I feel like the cycle is coming back. It sound like common sense, but its harder to read the creeping onset "feeling" to really know the cycle is about to start, once it starts there is no denying it, keeps me on my toes.... anyway I thought I'd update the thread... Cheers everyone!
  2. My experience: I've been suffering from Cluster Headaches aka ''Hot Poker headache or Suicide Headaches" for a very long time. The headache is extreme and will cycle for anywhere from 2 weeks to 2-3 months, around the same time every day like clockwork. The headache is a neurological disorder. The headaches can get very violent sometime I'll find myself getting injection shots in the emergency room after trying to tare my head off. I wouldn't wish this headache on anybody! People have committed suicide during C.H. hence the aka. The headache only effects one side of my head, centered around/behind my right eye, nasal passage, ear, jaw hinge and a point in the back of my head. The headache will cause my face around my right eye to droop. There are other characteristics that are not important so I'll spare the details. Alcohol is something I'll avoid at all cost when I'm in deep with the cycle. Alcohol can trigger or will make a relatively mild cluster worse. I was on the very tail end of my latest cycle when I decided to have a drink of Absinthe. Two days earlier I had wine (which is the worst drink for a trigger other than rye) the next day I had 3 beers with no side effects, I thought I was in the clear, ..... The third day I had a glass and a half of Absinthe and........ HOLY HELL! It sent me into a extremely violent Cluster, that lasted 2 solid days (they never last this long!) I have NEVER had a more extreme cluster in my life!!!! Not one med I take, including Imitrex worked. It started off as a bolt of lightning with a nosebleed that didn't stop for 40 min. then began throwing up (which is rare for this type of headache as well as nose bleeds). The intensity of the headache stayed the coarse until I was so exhausted I eventually fell asleep. I wanted to go to the hospital for treatment but no one was around and I literally could not make a phone call. It was pure unfiltered hell! I'm on the tail end of this cycle now (relatively short: 2 weeks) I managed to help shorten or ''bust" this cycle with Rivea Corymbosa seeds and regular meds on top of 14- 17 hour sleep-a-thons and gallons of water. Hopefully I'll be in the clear soon and live life. I'll wait a couple weeks past a cycle before I touch Absinthe again. It's going to be a long wait but worth it! I tried researching the effects of absinthe and headaches but only found hangover stories. This was not a hangover! I have included this web site for more information on Cluster Headaches if anyone is interested Cluster Headaches Anyway thats my story..... later
  3. Nice! so you've had the experience. Well just to let you know this past Octobers was great! good weather (for that long walk home! ) huge attendance at every hall, Walter Ustinak, beer, more beer, much more beer and the Chicken Dance! Here's a link: KW Octoberfest
  4. Kitchener- Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Home of the worlds second largest Octoberfest
  5. Ahhh someone recognized the name. Yes, I'm a very large poodle dog.... now thats: Cheapness! Don't worry, with Luscious Oily Lesbians around I'm indestructible! There's no match for oily mammarian protruberances Luscious Oily Lesbians ( don't worry its art!) Until my future wife finds out.
  6. ohh I'll definitely be making constant revisions to the trip plan. I'm game
  7. I'm 2 hrs from the American boarder. I haven't been to the states in 3 years. Although I'm hoping to finish my rig (expedition style Tacoma 4x4) and take a extended wheeling trip to Moab and Colorado as soon as its ready.
  8. Absinthe among the Algonquin/ Muskoka/ Haliburton lakes. Great retirement location. It will be for me, someday...... I hope
  9. Yeah, I'm wondering how the Reverend is going to take that. If you're reading this Reverend, just please note that it's all in good fun. We're all really a nice bunch of people. Maladjusted as we are. All in good fun I'm the same way with the noobs over in my other haunt TTORA (Toyota Territory Off-road Association)
  10. Wow, thanks for the warm welcome everyone. "Luscious Oily Lesbians!!"..... Thats hilarious! Nice tweak to my first post.
  11. G-day all! Happy New Year everyone I just want to introduce myself. I've been lurking for some time, finally decided to join. I consider myself a noob due to the fact I've only been exposed to the offerings of the LCBO..... sheesh. Those of you that are familiar with Canada's Liquor Control Boards will understand my position....Luscious Oily Lesbians!! I'm Happy to say that I may have found Canada's saving grace..... Taboo (not "Tabu") from Okanagan Spirits. I have to say Frank Deiter master distiller has created a nice Absinthe. I hope Okanagan expands their Absinthe catalog. I have really enjoyed Taboo (although they could have came up with a better name). I'll do a proper review very soon. It would be nice to import some of the European Absinthe's into Ontario or Canada, to gain a wider perspective. Until I have the chance to travel to Europe or import laws in Canuckistan change I'll maintain my "noob" status. Variety is what I desire. I'll be snooping around the board, its nice to be a WS forum member. Later.... Frunobulax