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  1. Jcbphd - that single malt scotch beer sounds good. I have been looking for one in the Bay Area, but I've had no luck thus far.
  2. Thanks Maggie the Cat and Jetzster. Cheers to both of you!
  3. I still haven't tried the 2nd batch, but I've almost gone through my second bottle of the 1st batch. I'm sure when I get a taste of Absinthe from Europe, I will have a better opinion. For now, I can only compare it to Lucid.
  4. Welcome...a hearty strength and honour greeting to you.
  5. Thanks Ghostorm, Ejellest and jcbphd for the welcomes. Jcbphd - I read alot of the posts all around this forum, and over at feeverte dot net, as well as googling all sorts of blogs and reviews. Though I don't have much knowledge of absinthe, I did get a good representation of the whole traditional view of fire and sugar, as well as how personal preferences can cloud one's judgement. I just wanted to try things without feigning expertise on this "new" American treat. I'm sure after you try the fire, you will see it's just a party trick, but you will reaffirm your anti-fire convictions. It took me all of about 5 minutes to realize I didn't need the flame, but it was fun lighting something on fire. Once again, many thanks for the welcomes from everyone, including Hiram for providing this site.
  6. Since I have only spent the last month really trying different whisky's and a few absinthe, I am quickly realizing that it is tough to invest over $50 on anything that may be a disappointment, especially when there is so much out there you know is worth the money. We will see with this batch if the first sellout was just a fad. If it follows suit, then this one will be gone in 2-3 weeks. In my novice opinion.
  7. I'll be 57 then, and I am hoping for an invite as Springbank is incredible. I do like Balvenie also...though I've only tried the doublewood. Since I am only 30 minutes from St. George, I was able to sample all of their spirits on a tour this month. Of course, except the absinthe, which I have my own supply anyways. I have a bottle of the Single Malt and the Qi Smoked Black Tea liqueur. BTW, your son is luckier than he can ever imagine at this point...nice job on the cask.
  8. I think my favorite was a Rhino Chaser Winterlund (or some type of winter version), but sadly Rhino Chaser stopped brewing. I want to try a new beer by brewdog dot com. It is the paradox, and it is a whisky cask aged stout. Can't wait to have a go at it!
  9. Thanks for the welcome y'all. Shabba...scotch it is...haha. What is your favorite? I'm a peat fan myself. Have you tried the St. George Single Malt? I found it very fruity and sweet with some hazelnut or chocolate aftertaste. As a whisky afficionado told me, "...very unlike whisky!" I did like it though. Any thoughts? Thanks again for the rousing welcome.
  10. Hello, My name's Tim, and I'm 37, living in San Jose, CA. I'm new to Absinthe, and I really just got interested since a distillery in my area (St. George Spirits) was in the news. I picked up some bottles of St. George and a bottle of Lucid, and that is the extent of my experience thus far. Here is a short list of the different methods we have used for drinking. 1. I have tried it "flamed", ouch. I know, I know, I have read the forums and other places on the net to know of the whole Czech/Swiss absinthe brewhaha, and everyone's opinion on it. However, I had to try it before I could say anything good or bad about it. 2. I have tried it with just a cube or two of sugar dripped onto a makeshift "absinthe spoon" with chilled water. I don't have a dripper or an absinthe spoon so I did what I could...kind of like Magyver. You really need great finger dexterity to be able to hold the "sugar" utensil and the glass, while simultaneously balancing the sugar and slowly pouring chilled water in a measured amount. I read here about 5 or 10 minute drips was good, but I had enough to concentrate on without having to slow to that rate. I originally put "ell O ell" here, but while previewing my post, I see it changes the translation so I removed it. 3. I have tried it by adding ice after going through #2, and this was at the request of some friends who wanted to try it as a colder mixed sipping drink after we had a few with no ice. 4. I have tried it "neat". Since I have gotten into Single Malt Scotch, I had to give a go of the straight taste for Malt's sake. 5. Finally, I tried it as an "Absinthe Frappe". I found this on St. George's site, and I don't know if this recipe was taken from somewhere else, but it is as follows: Place 1 teaspoon of sugar into a tall glass Fill this tall glass with crushed or cracked ice (I used a pint glass) Wait till ice starts melting then add: 1 oz. of SGA (I used 2 ozs.) 1 oz. chilled water. Stir I don't know if I really had to write all of this, but I figured it would give you a good idea of my first month of Absinthe exposure. By the way, I liked every way I have tried Absinthe, but the flame was just a waste of time and possibly dangerous. Thanks to all that have posted and given me some good reference for my absinthe research. Cheers... Tim
  11. I, too, got the same confusion from many employees when I asked about Absinthe back in December. In Moutain View, an employee actually started arguing with me, telling me that "Absente" was the only one they carried, and that "the real stuff" is illegal in the US. It wasn't until I took him to the cabinet that had the St. George and Lucid did he say out loud, "When did we get those?" I laughed out loud...really! I just took the time to discover they stored it in the locked cabinet with the Vodkas so I went to the store or called and checked. Bevmo gets their deliveries on Tuesday's and Friday's (as far as I was told), and as of 8:42PM PST today, 1/28/08, they still don't know if they will get any of this batch. In fact, an employee tonight told me Bevmo didn't even know they were going to get the 1st batch until the day before it was delivered. However, I will check with the stores, and as soon as I get word they have stock, I'll post here if anyone in the Bay Area wants some. Since I live near a Bevmo, and I work near two others, I can easily drop by the store to check on Friday. In my experience, one of the guys at the Sunnyvale store and one at the Gilroy store know about SGA and can answer questions on availability. Either way, I would just refuse to buy from the stores that mark up, unless you really want to pay extra. On a drinking note, I just opened one of my bottles, and although I am an extreme novice to Absinthe, I can certainly say I liked it better than the only other Absinthe I tried, Lucid. I will be sharing this SGA bottle on Super Bowl Sunday with the same crowd that tried Lucid with me, and I hope nobody gets the red-faced reaction mentioned earlier in this thread. I'll go now to the "Introduce Yourself" thread. Cheers!