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  1. Come to think of it I don't think I ever said "I do" seriously, I can't remember much of the actual ceremony :sadbanana: I guess that's what videos are for.
  2. But of course! He himself is an impressive clergyman
  3. Yes, I like to use it as many times a day as I can, I just love that movie! In case you couldn't tell by our wedding pictures that are floating around here somewhere.
  4. There was some great stuff there last night! The poor show was a little cursed in the beginning, a series of unfortunate events before opening, but it turned out very well
  5. "Listen to Jesus Jimmy..." my favorite, which I had forgotten about. Excellent show despite the drunken hearing loss, spider bite, and kidney stones
  6. Shai had an unfortunate coloring accident with his arak the other day :( I tried to warn him
  7. Ya what he said, maybe unless it's inappropriate for me to say, in which case I'll just say Happy Birthday!
  8. it was a lot of fun, thanks so much for a lovely evening! Tell the punk I hope he feels better this morning.
  9. I didn't have a choice since I believe I was the one that caused most of them in the first place
  10. OK, I admit it, I ate Thomas, and then I had shai's brain for dessert
  11. I've seen him mentally impaired by various substances and let me tell you it is not pretty Except with absinthe of course. When I was doing "Annie" (insert dirty lesbian joke here) I had a horrible ear infection and I was on percocet, wheeee what a fun show, expecially when I had to dance down the grand staircase. Then there was the show where one of the cast memebers got arrested after the opening number and everything was just crazy...until a friend and I got in to a bottle of jager, it looks a lot like coffee when you drink it out of a mug
  12. you know me so well.... The best part was when I reported that my luggage hadn't arrived, left to catch a cab and they chased me out of the airport and handed me a clear plastic garbage bag with some stuff (most of which wasn't mine), one shoe, greased covered and shreded clothing, men's clothing and said "here's your luggage" Then on the flight back, they lost my new luggage and I didn't get if for another week after I got home.
  13. :guitar: Happy day, just a little late!
  14. Kelly Yes that hotel looks very cool, I've wanted to stay there for a while, but I don't know if I could make up my mind which room I wanted :(