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  1. Please tell me that the "friend" who did the eating was who I hope it was
  2. I used to spend summers in Brevard, so of course spent a lot of time in Asheville anytime we actually wanted to do something fun. :P That's not true, I had some of my best times in Brevard at the music center there.
  3. :guitar: Looks like you had a marvelous time!
  4. Shai did make out with a Great Dane (not alyssa) once, well technically he was singing with his eyes closed and the dog stuck her tongue in his mouth, but whatever, he kissed a dog. I thought it was frickin' hillarious
  5. I miss Asheville, I haven't been there in a very long time :(
  6. Unfortunately they are just a couple hours north of us, and even more unforunately they are in the same town as T73 and Maggie :(
  7. Pensieve forced it on me (I thought it was some sort of Oprah book of the month club type thing) and I am glad she did. I really liked it. I prefer "The Angel of Darkness" though. I have "killing Time" but have not read it yet. Told ya so :P It took me a couple years but I just new he'd love it
  8. The first night he went gray he yelled from the hall "Are you ready for a glimpse into your future?" It's not so bad, it makes him look distinguished. It will be much nicer when it's natural and I don't smell/taste shoe polish when I kiss him
  9. She doesn't have any other huge allergies, some mild reactions to some weeds or pollens, she does have a slight allergy to cats, but only if they touch her skin, which my cat had not. Plus my cat has never bothered her any other time. It was so instant, and stopped when she stopped drinking. She had never heard of Absinthe before I introduced her to it, so I don't think it was psychological. At any rate, she is bringing wine with her tonight and told me that we can drink what ever we want, but she's drinkin her wine.
  10. So couple nights ago I gave my mom and her best friend their first taste. I gave them both Edouard and I almost killed my mom! She took about three sips and was suddenly gasping and wheezing, I had to give her a hit off my inhaler, which helped but it took a while for it to go away. Sadly I had to finish her glass I don't know what she could be allergic to...
  11. At least they were nice butts! I think I was more mad he couldn't do it than he was. It would just cost too damn much to rearrange everything. Plus I did remind him that he would probably have to wear spandex and a dancer's belt, not to mention actually dance.
  12. That's the bottle that stared at me all night at the Zig Zag! I want my mommy :o
  13. :guitar: Happy birthday, just a little late