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  1. Damnit! I miss everything around here. I hope you had a wonderful day! :wave:
  2. I'm late, as always, :guitar: Happy Day!
  3. mmmmm, T73's rasberry mead is excellent, even when licked off the walls/celing :P
  4. Welcome, loooooove the painting. I love just staring at it and seeing what moves
  5. Hi Masterpc, I think I welcomed you in some other thread, but I'll just say it again And I also just noticed your eyes in your avitar...dude holy heebie geebies! I can't even look at it!
  6. Well our cat got her first real taste of absinthe. She always likes to smell it and sort of lick the air over it, but never really gets any. She was sniffing over my VdF and I don't know if I moved my hand, or she misjudged the distance to the drink, but she got a huge tongue-full and proceeded to snort stand up on her hind legs and fall backwards off the couch, then run around the room like a psycho for a while until she crashed in her house. It was awesome!
  7. I always forget that I'm hungry once I start drinking, but then once I start eating, I don't like to stop :( Glad you enjoyed your night!
  8. Welcome back momo! She is so adorable, nice work
  9. High on the hill with the lonely goat herd? V8
  10. Dude in disney world stitch burped chili dog on me
  11. VdF, Edouard and Cirque du Soleil, an excellent combination. We saw La Nouba when we were in disney and bought the dvd just for fun. It is just plain cool, and even better with the green fairy
  12. I just posted a hi in the other thread that I thought was your welcome thread, but it probably didn't make much sense where it was so I'll just say it again!
  13. Pensieve

    Old friends

    Holy shit Skeeter! you have quite the memory I think I wet myself