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  1. Hope you had a happy happy day! :guitar:
  2. It was me that said things taste plastic, I think that all I noticed it in were blanches. It's not a very good description, I just think that it tastes like new plastic smells, if that makes sense. In some thread somewhere there is a list of what I have tasted it in, and not. I recently came across some interesting samples that I think may have narrowed it down to a few things....of course I can't bring to mind what they are right now, but I'm sure Shai can.
  3. Any drunk girl would have done the same thing in my position, and I forgot that I had already lost my bra at the time
  4. I was in line behind this lady at a grocery store once and her total was $6.66 and she forced the cashier to change it to $6.67
  5. I'm sure that was meant in the best holiday spirit kind of way :P Happy Christmas all!
  6. I know I'm a little late, but I can't not welcome a fellow Montanan!
  7. Is that the stuff that kind of tastes like bubble gum? Shai gave me some kind of champagne soda he drank in Haiti as a kid and it tastes like fizzy bubble gum, very sweet.
  8. I know I am so painfully late, but I couldn't miss the chance to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a marvelous one :guitar:
  9. Hiram gave me some wormwood extract and a drop on my finger was enough to almost make me yak
  10. Welcome seeker! So I take it your name is referring to seeking knowledge about the green fairy? I got all excited because I thought it was a Harry Potter thing, but the more I read, I think not :( Enjoy your new adventure, you're starting out with my favorites
  11. Dude, I just love the bananas, it's so cute when they dance
  12. Yes I will back him up. I never liked Oprah before, never watched her show, thought it was all crap and could never understand why she was such a big deal...until I met her. She was just breathtaking, literally. She walks up to you, I suppose it helped that she was all glammed up, but she was gorgeous and so friendly and sweet. I was totally star-struck. I felt the need to tone down my act a little so that I didn't seem like a freak. That was a fun night, I got to scream and act like an idiot over super rich people I didn't know. I got so many people's autograph, most of whom I don't even know who they are. But I got to chat with the famous ones too.
  13. He only knows that because he's too much of a baby to wait for a surprise
  14. Hey, I was born and raised here and I have never attempted to bite the head off a chicken, even though I am sometimes a theatre geek :P