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  1. My grandma always used to say that to me... Oddly it's one of my fondest memories of her
  2. Welcome! Just wait til Shai sees paintball, you better prepare yourself
  3. Awww shucks, y'all are so sweet! Thanks so much, I had a great day
  4. Yea, you better change that, I think Maggie. Mrs H and Pensive would be after your other wise. :P Damn Straight! Welcome Bluescat
  5. ok, where does poop on a stick come from ? I say crap on a stick all the time and I've never heard anybody else say it, and been asked what it means and I just don't know.
  6. Damn straight! People suck...unless they drink absinthe
  7. So sorry I'm late, but I had to say Happy Birthday! I hope you had an amazing trip, and a very happy day :guitar:
  8. We have a pub in town that has Guiness gravy, so you could have poutine and guiness!
  9. It's easy to make, the hardest part is finding good cheese curds. I bet any good/whole foodsesque store would have them, then you just need some fries and gravy You can get it anywhere in Canada even A&W (which seems to be everywhere up there) has some form of poutine.
  10. Sorry to drag up the Poutine again...but I missed it the first time Love Poutine! I may not have lived in Kay-bek, but my mom is Canadian and I spent half my childhood in Canada, You could get Poutine, or you could get fries and gravy. I'm not saying you're wrong, Shai, but I wouldn't have bothered trying poutine, were it not for those cheese curds. I can honestly say that for me, the curds MAKE it. He's wrong :P We found the best cheese curds at Beecher's hand made cheese the last time we were in Seattle. They were perfectly squeaky, and made great Poutine!