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  1. Whoa...I haven't been here in so long I almost quoted the post directly above me, phew, disaster avoided!


    So thanks everyone! How the heck did y'all find out about the lovely Gabriel. Not that I'm complaining...just wondering. He was 4 weeks old yesterday, and cute as a button if I do say so myself. We have a lovely absinthe onsie, that he should fit into in a few months.

    Now he just needs a screen name...if ShaiHulud and Pensieve had a baby what would it be called?

  2. Ohhh, I'm Pensieve and I don't log off the computer when I have to go to rehearsal late at night. I don't realize that anyone could get on the computer and pretend to be me especially after a butt load of cocktails. Anyway, I am soooo cute and awesome and I loooove the wormwood society and all of the uber sophiscotated people associated with the forums there. By the way, In case I never mentioned it, ShaiHulud (yes I no longer use the diminuative "Shai" because it lessens the full impact of his awesomeness) is the greatest and if you get the opportunity to meet him ever arises, take it, you will not be dissapointed.