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  1. OK: I'm gonna hijack this thread in order to avoid committing a faux pas. I've read that topettes had two uses: One obviously was that the markings would help the drinker dose properly. The other is that at bistros the waiter would bring you a topette full of absinthe and then you would be charged basd on how many doses had been poured at the end of the evening. I also know that some bistros used price-marked saucers, and that the customers would be charged based on the sum of the prices on the saucers accumulated at the end of the evening. Now, does anyone know if these two systems of determining the tab were mutually exclusive? Thanks.
  2. Heavens, it's good! I think this might be my new #1.
  3. Just got my shipping notice too. Now if a certain package from Frace arrives at the same time that would be just cosmic!
  4. Rao's Espresso Viennese, with just a touch of Lucid. The only problem with this is that this is about all Lucid is good for anymore, and at this rate it will take a long time to kill it off.
  5. Berlusconi's bben accused of a lot of things, but...
  6. Actually, the absinthe-espresso pairing works very well, so while it's a novel twist, it's not as much of a gimmick as it looks.
  7. Or I gather one could use brandy instead of rye. I thought that I had read that that was how the original Sazerac was made.
  8. You are a truly dangerous sock. Please add me.
  9. I found them rather slow to send the glass & brouille & did have to send them a few emails. They ultimately did respond. They said that they were having problems with order fulfillment (it sounded like the glasses were actually coming from another company); soon after that they said that they had resolved the issue for all the delayed orders and I did receive my glass & broullie. This was a couple of months ago. It sounds like the issues have recurred.
  10. Every year my parents' synagogue has a fundraiser in which they sell wines & spirits that are kosher for Passover. This year my father mentioned that they were selling arak, to which my response was "bring it on!" And then I got to see the bottle. Under the the very impressive designations of "Extra-fine" and "Special" is the statement"Molasses neutral spirits with artificial flavor added". I thought that Arack was grape-based. It looks like the only thing missing from the bottle is the statement that it is aged in Play-Doh jars. Might it be a good idea for the bottle to have an "accident" on the way to the table?
  11. I wasn't thinking pretentious, I was thinking bossy.
  12. Gertz I agree, but I am torn; at what point does someone choose not to drink to the last drop of something that is such a rare and precious, nonrenewable commodity? It is a fine thing to suggest to someone else what to do with their expensive, rare pre-ban but I was going to make a suggestion: Drink it at the death of the last poilu. There is something very final, and very haunting, about the moment at which one can say that, of the millions who served for France in the trenches of that seminal catastrophe (and at the risk of trivializing this, but for our purposes here, who might have savored the contents of the next bottle off the line when it was new), there is not a single man walking this earth. And then, with a few keystrokes I learned that I am late. The last, Lazare Ponticelli, died just over a month ago.
  13. Why do you say that? Thie listing did contain this: "Pernod is famous for his absinthe however this is not absinthe" up near the top, so I think the lister was being straight.