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  1. I'm in Adelaide so it's popped back down under 40C (~100F) as of Sunday, but we had a week long run of temperatures around that (and higher...up to 46 at one stage). My Victorian counterparts are the ones suffering at the moment with the firestorms - they are moving over 120kph so people aren't even getting enough warning to evacuate. Over 130 dead. Bad juju.
  2. Not so fast Absomphe.... Just tried the NO - idiosyncratic, yes. Going to have to try this one over a couple of days I think. BUT...the bottle I obtained looked like they had shoved a 750mL cork into a 500mL bottle. Probably jammed down fine on the bottle line because it had been stamped with the wax seal. But the cork had migrated halfway out of the bottle by the time in was in my hands - with about a 1cm headspace between the bottom of the cork and the absinthe (which there probably should be). Which leads me to think someone stuffed up with the closures. Anyone else see examples of this?
  3. Jade Nouvelle-Orléans. First tasting for an upcoming review. Things that make you go hmmm. My word tonight is 'Masala' spice mix I think. I think I fancy a cheese naan now.
  4. Huzzah. And again I say Huzzah. Any plans for down under distribution? (which is not the same as smuggling back through customs in ones pants of course....Mr Hawaii)
  5. Sorry I've been a bit quiet lately chaps.....in the process of buying my first house, a lovely old German settler cottage built in 1860 up in the Adelaide Hills wine country, and mortgage paperwork, building inspections yada yada , tend to distract one from more genteel pursuits and forum posting.
  6. This is worrying development, and has induced me to do a bit of an Op Ed piece on my blog. But something important to highlight - New Zealand has these rather curious local liquor control boards that are also commercial entities, and make decision on what is appropriate to distribute in their local provinces. As I understand it there are wholesalers in New Zealand who would like to see the back end of these Licensing Trusts, and potentially see them as anti-competitive. Even the NZ Police are on record as stating the Trusts are an anachronism. Now, under spooky coincidences, NZ are undertaking a full review of the relevance and structure of their liquor laws. Could there be a touch of "demonstrating we are active and relevant lest we are regulated out of existence" going on here? Maybe. The banning of absinthe in NZ is more about a restriction of trade rather than a regulatory ban, such as would need to occur under FSANZ for a true ban. This will drag in Australia as we share a food code. Best case scenario, no one makes a formal submission to FSANZ (no small job I should add) and the issue may remain a provincial one. If someone does, it may get ensnared in our binge drinking and volumetric taxation debate, then it becomes more problematic.
  7. One of the best bar/restaurants in San Francisco. I'll second Erik's defense of the Absinthe Bar in San Francisco. It's the place I would have built myself, and they've always done right by their namesake. And I'll third that. I wandered in this year while over for work/holiday, and I was treated with right proper SF hospitality (and given a complimentary glass of absinthe). Good mussels and garlic fries too.
  8. Visiting the distillery was one of the highlights of my honeymoon (thank god my wife doesn't read the forum)... And the Fischers were kind enough to open the old family safe for me when I visited, to look at the old recipe book. If I could get Montmarte in Australia I would be very happy.
  9. Drinking absinthe means you never have to ask for a prescription of Combantrin
  10. Hi Lucy welcome aboard! I had great pleasure in visiting the distillery last Sunday and chatting with Lou, and even greater pleasure in getting my two bottles back to Australia safely without even so much as a raised eyebrow from Customs when they unpacked my bag - so I have a crew here 'down under' looking forward to tasting St George since you don't distribute in this part of the world.....yet. Something I found interesting from Lou (and Jonny at the Absinthe Bar) about the use of Stinging Nettles is that it is a very "San Franciscan" thing from a seasonal culinary point of view - so I get St George being something of a San Franciscan 'regional' absinthe. Particularly as the local maker here of Moulin Rooz are using Aniseed Myrtle which is a very "Australian" herb, and also non-traditional. If I had more room in my luggage I think I would have also tried to bring back a bottle of that amazing Pear liqueur.....
  11. Not so strange - actually we have a similar myth cycle in Australia with Bundaberg Rum. There is a belief amongst many that it is a ready catalyst to violence - leaving arguments aside over who typically drinks it and in what quantities it is drunk of course
  12. I've recently started learning Capoeira, and as part of the induction to all things Brazilian (except the hair removal), I have come to discover and enjoy Cachaca. Now here is a question - does anyone know the similarity and/or differences between Brazilian Cachaca and Haitian Kleren? (aside from technological refinement available to a country not imploding on itself)? Is it essentially the same thing or a different fish?
  13. When I refer to: Annex II of Directive 88/388/EEC which controls thujone content in food, and Council Regulation (EEC) No 1576/89 of 29 May 1989 laying down general rules on the definition, description and presentation of spirit drinks - there is an absence of absinthe in any of the legislation. What is the basis for your assertion?
  14. Because Jens, as any good herbalist or pharmacologist will tell you, to discuss a single phytochemical as a single feature of a complex herbal distillate (or macerate) is just fundamentally wrong, unless you are prepared to find space to also talk about every other notable phytochemical constituent in every other herb in absinthe. I'm sure discussing the virtues of fennel and anise derived anethole as a precursor for amphetamine is a marketing angle just waiting to be tried. If people ask about thujone then it is an opportunity to educate them - not reinforce a perception by selectively disclosing thujone content limits without any further context as to whether it actually matters. To do otherwise IS going along with hype. That aside, welcome to the board Jens.