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  1. Hey Eric, hope you're doing well!!

  2. Was just thinking of "ol Wray"-still have that bottle of wine you gave me, miss ya man!

  3. Doing good, how have you been? I haven't been here for a while, just busy with life etc. Hope you've been great!!

  4. I've been good, how about you? Anything new going on?

  5. Sweet video! Great job there Mr. G.! Now, where can I get a bottle of that brew you were sportin there??
  6. Hmmm, that sounds like a good date, let me check the ole calander. My house may be available if y'all are interested in another one there.
  7. Hmm, not sure if the 12/13th will work for me, my wife's Birthday is the 9th. Of course what better reason for her to get snot slinging drunk!?! This weekend(Feb 27th) we're hosting a H.S. reunion type deal at our house and it appears it's going to be "a little" bigger than we thought, so, she may be partied out for a few weeks. Let me see how she feels about the 13th.
  8. I'd be game for having another one at my house, last one was good times! I've got some new speakers(http://www.usheraudiousa.com/products/loudspeakers/dancer-series/be-20) for you to check out too Eric, they're beauties. We would have to plan quite a bit in advance as I have several weekends tied up over the next month or two, but, this would allow plenty of warning for out of towners so they could plan for the trip though. John
  9. I am!! Live south near Slaughter & Manchaca Rd. There's a few others lurking about as well.
  10. Oh damn, $1500 bones!?! ouch, guess not. I do like the adjustability of it though. Oh well, back to the old standard.
  11. Here ya go; Clicky That is a nice fountain, I'd like one!
  12. That is sorry, shows a serious lack of class....
  13. Thank you sir, I had no idea. Guess that's what I get for staying away from here for so long.....
  14. I apologize for bringing this to the top after so long, talk about missing this by a long shot, King Long Shot here. I'm terribly sorry to hear this, what a sad thing to find out when coming back to the forum after such an extended absence. Ray has been to my home twice and the last time he showed up with a bottle of wine in hand for us. That bottle is still sitting in my rack and has been there since, I think this weekend my wife and I will crack it open and have a drink on Ray. I don't know though, maybe I'll just keep it and have some of the green stuff instead... Ray, you are missed. Here's to you my friend; My sincerest condolences to his family and friends. Sincerely, John
  15. Oh no, I've been gone for a bit and just now getting back on here. Wray has been to my house a couple of times and gave me a call everyonce in a while. I had no idea, would someone be so kind as to fill me in-please?? John
  16. Judging by his response to the question, or rather lack of, I'd say he pussed out and didn't pay.
  17. Very cool, can't wait for the films release!
  18. Eric, been a long time, where are you my friend??


  19. Wow, thanks everyone! I missed your well wishes by a few days as I wasn't on here that day. Hope everyone also had a Merry Christmas. And soon to be HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!
  20. Though I haven't been here in awhile I can still wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY(sorry I'm late)!!!!
  21. Thank you! Nice being back. Wow, what happened to those two???? Thank you sir, glad you didn't get rid of me during the "Spring cleaning"!
  22. Hi shinsain, Well we tasted this weekend, uhmm well it's "ok". It is of course an oil mix. Sweet, not much to it really. If I had the transfer cable for my camera I would post a pic of it for you, but I don't. It is "hencho e Mexico". The name of it is Moulan Rouge. It is nuclear green, does louch a little bit but turns a kind of blue green color!? Eric and Wrayalien will be able to tell ya more. John