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  1. I've resurrected an XBOX game called Bioshock which I hadn't played in quite some time (It even has a few bottles of Absinthe scattered around) Being a big fan of the Big Band/Jazz styles of music which happened to be part of the soundtrack, I've decided to assemble a "soundtrack" based on the old tunes from the game (Django Reinhardt, Billy Holiday, etc). I'll be pouring a glass of 1901 tonight....I need to get away from reality for a little while.
  2. I'm going through this now with a Certain "Bar" that I frequent. Though based on the phonecall I got yesterday from their Food and Beverage Manager. It's amazing what a little education will do. Now I'm being asked all sorts of questions.
  3. Ok folks I've gone ahead and posted this to the main WS site. Thanks for your compliments. Just out of curiosity though, I noticed that my review was about 7 times longer than others on the site. What is the general consensus for review length? Is there a recommended length to stay with. I'd hate to bore people to tears.
  4. Ok I've edited this post 3 times now.....First was a joke at T73s expense....next was a crack about my Fiancee.... :::THIS SPACE FOR RENT::: I've got nothing.
  5. As Shabba said....News announcements and that thread he pointed out. Sorry Dakini, I had forgotten about the label dispute. Thanks for bringing it up. Dammit and I was doing so well too. But alas, my brain is a siv. I don't hold a torch next to the veterans around here. For a question you knew the answer to already, did you think there was more to my answer than a simple mistake and forgetfulness on my part?
  6. I edited my last post above a few times.... Sorry if you missed any of it.
  7. St. George which you'll probably not find anytime soon. and LA Fee which really doesn't count as a quality absinthe anyway, though Ihaven't seen it on a shelf yet either. a few more shall be coming along before long. As far as getting things shipped, you can get some quality absinthes from overseas without paying $100 a bottle + shipping. The Jades generally run upwards of $100 a bottle. The shipping is what kills you. I know I paid around 40-50 dollars a bottle for the Duplais / Brevans etc. Mansinthe is also roughly about $50 a bottle as is the rest of the collection from the Matter_Luginbuhl distillery. It's not a cheap hobby . I'm still a noob compared to most around here and that was pretty much the first lesson. Lucid and Kübler however have been spotted all over. "The North" is pretty vague as far as US Geographical locations are concerned. They've both been spotted in NY, Boston, and Northern California, which I have heard of first hand. Other WS members from the north might want to chime in on their experiences. May I ask what you're looking for as far as enhancements to absinthe via the use of non-tobacco based smoking material?
  8. You do know that there are 3 (and 4) already available in the United states right? Do these not suit your tastes? As far as your "Smoking" question goes, I'm guessing you'll need to read the FAQ as I'm questioning what you're expecting from absinthe vs. any other Alcoholic drink.
  9. Thelonious Monk. I'll also add that next time I'll be a little more awake when I'm writing. The grammar after reading it this morning is making me cringe and the edit button is a woman/one night stand who has since left me.
  10. So I decided to relax and open my new bottle of Roquette. Quite the Absinthe if I do say so thus far. Louching was done with a Carafe as my fountain was drying and taken apart. No sugar added either. glass used was a cordon. Preparation: I opened the bottle and let it breathe for a good 10-12 minutes while I stocked the dishwasher and put on some light jazz. After the 12 minutes. I poured it into the cordon glass and let it breath for an additional 10 minutes. Color: Color was a very natural emerald green with crystal clear transparency. Better than some of the others I've seen which also reside on my bar. No traces of residue other than a small speck of wax from the t-cork sealant (but you didn't need to know that did you, because it's my fault it got in there). After holding it up to the light you can really see it's transparent properties. Overall very pretty: Aroma: Aroma before louche was actually a bit unexpected. While not terrible, based on what I'd read I figured it'd be a bit more characteristic and in line with the praise often awarded to the Jades. While the traditional anis notes were present with a supporting herbal bouquet, there was a bit of an overpowering alcohol note which when didn't even out even after letting the bottle and glass breathe for a 10-12 minutes each. While still not as "alcohol" based as the fragrance from the Un Emile 68. It was not something I was expecting from the Roquette. Louche: This is where it started to get good. Total Louche time was 9 minutes and change from a carafe. The first 3 minutes I was treated to quite the active dance of oil trails. This is probably one of the most active and mesmerizing louche-introductions I've seen to date. Louching started after about 3.5 minutes of dripping the water slowly. The Louche itself took some time to develop and was a bit on the thin side while still maintaining opacity from the side. Not terrible by any means but even when fully louched some depth could be seen from the side of the glass. Reservoir was outlined with a slight amber hue and a bit more translucent than the main portion of the glass. Looking top down I could faintly see the bottom of the glass a bit. A thin louche seems to be a characteristic of this absinthe, though as I said. It's not at all ugly. for a 9 minute drip. I didn't even notice that I was losing feeling in my right arm. It was interesting and lively to watch. Aroma After: As usual, the louche really opened up the bouquet which permeated throughout the air as a most desirable fragrance. Gone were any traces of alcohol notes which were present pre-louche. The fragrance was quite herbal with strong notes of anis/fennel, also with supporting compliments from a seemingly complex array of herbs. The ever-so-slightest trace of what seemed to be citrus was also present. Flavor: Very Desirable. Sweet enough to possibly even warrant sugar lovers to try it without. While this is a bit sweeter than some, it doesn't at all taste artificial or overpowering. Just the natural sweetness of Anis/Fennel with prevalent notes of wormwood. There is definitely a spicy note worth mentioning, but even so still offers a refreshingly clean and well complimenting taste. All elements that make up the Roquette's flavor really complements one another. There is a definitely sense of balance with the Anis/Fennel/wormwood leading the pack as they should be. Finish: Feels good in the mouth with a quick swirl or 2. Not thick and syrupy, even a bit thin while still maintaining a smooth and creaminess. Upon swallowing one will observe a dryness which almost states that the Roquette has cleaned up after itself without leaving any unwanted aftertaste. A subtle taste of sweet anis is all that's left in one's mouth after a few short moments. Overall: Aside from the initial Alcohol notes observed during the pre-louched fragrance, and louche which finishes on a bit of the thin side, the Roquette definitely proves to be a great absinthe through and through. Definitely one of my favorites thus far along with the Duplais. Looking forward to my next glass sooner rather than later. Well there you have it; my first review. If it's acceptable, I'll go ahead and post it on the review section of the main site along with the ratings. For now, there's a pillow with my name on it. -PC (I'm anything but)
  11. I havent' decided yet...Another night home alone....Any suggestions? I'm also without a movie decision this evening....Damn I'm indecisive tonight. Shabba any suggestions?
  12. Found my Beer Helmet at a party store.....Woohoo...and it's green. It's the little things in life that keep me entertained....
  13. +10 respect points for uglybiker.....Nicely done! That is a nice spoon......Please stop spending my money in the future. That is all.
  14. "I can open a can of beans with this one............in about a week" --Eddie Izzard.
  15. I was inspired to make a mock up...20 minutes with a busy schedule at work...not my best work but conveys the idea.