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  1. Wow that is amazing shipping. I ordered a bottle from a domestic distributor last Friday. It sat for a couple days in MD and then took four days to get from there to UT. At last update check, that's where it is still sitting. I don't blame the distributor...I think its the carrier.
  2. I used the brouille. For me it was simple; just put some sweetened water in the freezer until it was almost at the freezing stage and pour it in the brouille. I had ordered it online, was expecting a glass brouille to match my drinking glass (which is what the website advertised), but what I got looked like a miniature pie tin. I will like to try the balancier. Edited to add: where do you find the Lucid balancier? I've found it included in gift sets but not sold individually...
  3. I would join this fascinating conversation but I've only tried three brands... my sights are set on Atelier Vie's Toulouse Verte and Rouge when I have the funds... and I can't seem to locate Doubs Mystique available online anywhere - it all shows "out of stock". Is it still produced?
  4. Oh check that out. There they are. Much obliged.
  5. I was looking at some of my older posts from back when and I remember I had purchased some "sample bottles" of different brands of absinthe. I was introduced to Serpis via a sample bottle and also Jade N.O. and one other that I can't remember. But now I can't find the websites I used then, and the ones I have found don't sell samples. Anyone have a clue what site/s I may have visited in '08 that sells samples? And if they're still around? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for opening up Daniel. I'm sure everyone here wishes you luck on your journey and hopes you can continue to find a way to balance spiritual happiness and absinthe together. :D No problem, thank you for noticing! I thought it would kinda get lost in the hissing and spitting going on around me.
  7. Well, I think that begs a larger question, Evan. What is this place for? Are we ambassadors for the drink of absinthe who try to give at least information with our opinions? Are we simply here to peddle a dozen or so top shelf brands? When a newcomer arrives do we proverbially shove a bottle of Jade Nouvelle Orleans in their hands and just say "drink it, you'll love it"? Could it not be a mistake to push a newcomer into an incredibly complex tasting brand when maybe their palate has nothing to compare it to? The author of this thread admits to trying Jade NO and not liking it. What then? What do you honestly think of someone like that yourself? I also wonder if that had something to do with Daniel's long absence from the drink... In response to the highlighted text - no, it wasn't. In a nutshell (and not to open any cans of worms) in Dec of 2008 I converted to Islam. I got rid of all my alcohol and my absinthe paraphernalia - gave it away to my very appreciative boss - and tried to be a Good Boy. I've since relaxed a bit on some things. Although I do still identify as Muslim - and as this is the month of Ramadan I am fasting - I've decided to temper my experience with some of my own beliefs. I took counsel with some of my closest friends - almost all of whom are also Muslim - they told me they felt I went too far too fast and instead of totally becoming burned out, I should allow myself to go back to some of the things I did before... and absinthe is one of them. So I decided to...so that's that, as they say.
  8. So Daniel, enough opinion about Kübler here for you? Indeed, and thank you
  9. Well I also think its a matter of perspective and personal tastes. As I've pointed out before (and back in 2008 when I was first active on this board) my favorite is Serpis, and I know many think it worth nothing more than flushing out the sink's drain; whereas I personally didn't care for Jade Nouvelle Orleans.
  10. Thank you; I rather figured they were the "don't bother". But I will try a couple of the "not so bad" ones just so I can say I did it... What's Astor?
  11. As I make my slow limping return to absinthehood, I've decided to shop locally until I can afford to order from overseas. Our local Bevmo has several brands of absinthe now available; when I first entered the scene they only had Lucid which I have always considered "trendy", and kinda...well, "we buy this because we don't have anything else". In my city, Sacramento, they now have many brands, some of which I've never heard of. I'm not too terribly interested in the St George (I've not heard enough good about it), as I said Lucid strikes me as a bit trendy... but the one I'm most curious about is Kübler. The price isn't bad and the reviews I've seen on it are mostly favorable. And it seems to be the one that best fits my current budget. Thoughts?
  12. Hey all. I was here for several months back in 2008. I had built up quite a nice collection of absinthiana (including my good friend, Serpis). But something...changed I guess you could say and I kinda left it all. Well, now I'm back. Got a bit of rebuilding to do, but I'm back.