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  1. any suggested brands and or sites for buying them ,I used ABSINTHE FM but there is so many to chose from ,Id like to know Im buying the rite thing ?
  2. I read the FAQ page in regards to secondary effects , I get its not a psychoactive substance but I like to smoke a little 'kind bud 'after drinking a little does any one know how that mixes is it like any other liquor or should I hold on
  3. Just wanted to say whats up once more, now that I found the newcomer intros, herd about absinthe long time ago never tried it cause I couldn't find it . I was on vaca in aruba last month and saw it on the shelf in the local market, I was so excited to go home and try it w/some friends,until it was confiscated by airport security because of the liquid ban I was so upset when I got home I went online to find some more and find out more about it .Thats how I found this site . I've forgotten the name of the bottle they took but I remember it had a large eye on it .
  4. hi Im new to absinthe and new to forums just got a bottle of Amer 72 and was planing to try over the holiday vacation any suggestions? and did I buy good absinthe or did I get rooked ?