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  1. Good. I read that page. If the worst I face is a polite note from customs telling me they seized it, I can live with that. I can risk the seizure, but I can't risk any criminal penalties.
  2. Belle Amie, Balance, the two Fougerolles samples, and a glass/dripper. I'm not worried whether or not I get the order...well, I am, but I'm more concerned about criminal charges.
  3. I know this has probably been beaten to death elsewhere, but I just want to clarify. A friend of a friend (and I actually mean that, not in the nod-nod wink way) ordered a bottle of Balance from LDF a while back, and let me try it. I, of course, loved it. I had wanted to order some of my own, but didn't want to be prosecuted. Thus, I'm wondering, has anyone ever been prosecuted for ordering from overseas? From everything I gather, it's about as easy and safe as ordering any other product from Europe, but I don't want Special Agent Hardass knocking on my door with a pair of cuffs in his hand. I'm a pretty upstanding citizen, all things considered.
  4. Hmm...I'm still on the fence. At the moment, I'm probably going to wait and see if I can get a hold of St. George's. Shipping to my area may or may not be possible. Then, of course, I might just dump a bunch of cash on a large order from absinthe online, and have a stock of high quality goods for the next year. If all else fails, I'll run down to the local retailer and settle for the Lucid. At the very lease, it is a nice option to have. We'll see...
  5. All this kind of begs the question, why would Breaux attach his name to a lackluster product?
  6. Howdy, New to the Society, but not entirely new to absinthe. I've tried Balance before, and really enjoyed it. I'm hoping to experience the variety and depth currently available. I'd love to get a hold of some PF 1901, but it's 3 times the price of the most expensive Stateside examples, so I think I'll hold off. Are there any establishments in the States that sell drippers/glasses, like what you'd find on Absinthe Online? Thanks, JJ
  7. Isn't that ironic...it's easier for me to get Absinthe online from Europe than it is from within the US. Fiddlesticks! The Jug Shop doesn't seem to have an explicit ban on shipping to my state, so I'll have to call them and see what the story is.
  8. I'm in the New Jersey/PA area. Where can one obtain St. George's? Shabba, I see you're from Virginia--where did you happen upon your supply?
  9. I just caught wind of this St. George absinthe being released on the 21st. Do you think that would be a better allotment of funds?
  10. Hey all, The only Absinthe I've ever tried was Duplais Balance, and I thought it was fantastic. I really want to try PF 1901, but the costs are a little prohibitive. I do have a retailer of Lucid within an hour drive, and was wondering if you guys thought it'd be worth the trip. I've read the reviews for it already, and they seem all over the place, hence this post. How do you think Lucid would stack up to Balance? Thanks for your time.