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  1. So the Obsello seems to be worth it then? With my last order from DrinkUpNY, I bought a bottle of Kübler and Lucid. They were both okay, with the nod probably going to Kübler -- but again, not in the same league as the Duplais I had tried prior.


    I suppose my point is that I don't want to spend $50 on something that's "okay" but ultimately bland. I'd rather buy a nice bottle of Cognac, or a few bottles of wine.

  2. Hmm...haven't been around the forums for a while, looking for some "what should I get now" feedback. My absinthe experience is limited to Duplais Balance (my first), followed by Lucid and Kübler (both of which I found lacking when compared to the Balance).


    So I'm wondering...what should I order now? I've always wanted to try the PF 1901, but the exchange rate is a killer. I'm placing a wine order soon from DrinkUpNY, perhaps one of their offerings might fit the bill? I've heard some good regarding the Obsello. Hmm...

  3. I have been sipping on the Kübler now for a few days, and find it very refreshing. The mouth-feel is quite nice, and the taste is good. However, anise is far too dominant. The wormwood and other nuances are certainly there, but very handicapped. By contrast, the lucid may have a better balance, but lacks anything that can be called decent mouthfeel at beyond 2:1. Unfortunately, at 2:1 the alcohol heat is just too much. ...and even though it has "better balance," the flavors are still muted. Lucid does, however, seem to have more pronounced "secondaries" when compared to the Kübler, for what that's worth, and some pleasant citrus notes that are wholly absent in the Kübler.


    At this point, I'm a little tired of "close, but not right." I think I'm going to drop a few C-notes on LdF. I've wanted to try PF 1901 for sometime now...anything else that I should include in my three bottle limit?

  4. I'm sure some of you would laugh at this question upon first glance. However, I've heard a number of people say that Kübler is more in line with a pastis than it is an absinthe. For those that have tried it, what do you think? A decent first blanche for the US market, or a glorified arak? I ask because I have a bottle scheduled to arrive tomorrow...

  5. The true crime of bad absinthes is not that they're bad, it's that they cost upwards of $70. I mean, that's about the upper ceiling for ordinary top-shelf liquors. For that much money, you could get a really nice bottle of scotch.


    These industrial-style distilleries, that put no attention to detail, are churning out low-end products products because they're cheap to make and the producers have seen how much a bottle labeled "absinthe" can sell for, as compared to a bottle labeled "ouzo" or "pastis." And the fools who buy the stuff without reading honest reviews are feeding the frenzy.


    My rule: if you do buy a cat in a bag, make sure you're not paying $70 for it.


    I wouldn't call Lucid a bad absinthe. Not great, but certainly not bad. And Lucid was developed and produce by Breaux, not some "industrial-style" distillery. Early adopters have to pay a price for anything, including absinthe. I'm sure the prices will equal out once more products are available. Until then, stick to drinking whatever it is you're drinking over there.

  6. Well, I went ahead and bought the bottle. It smells like absinthe, looks like absinthe, and even tastes and feels like absinthe, but certainly is not nearly as complex or satisfying as the Balance. I wouldn't say unidimensional, but, meh. However, the difference isn't enough for me to warrant paying $100 to get a bottle of Balance shipped over here.

  7. Cripes...is the Lucid that bad? I just went in to my local wine store to pick up some Noir for dinner, and what do I see right next to the $600 Cognac in the glass case? Lucid! I almost crapped myself. I was going to buy it on the spot, but only had fifty dollars on me (it's going for $70 a bottle here).


    I was thinking of going back and picking up a bottle this evening, but with these "horror stories," I dunno if I want to drop $70 on a bottle of goat piss... I've had Duplais Balance before, and enjoyed it thoroughly, for what that's worth.

  8. Oh, and I do love Cognac! Unfortunately, the state run liquor store here is a joke. They've never heard of St. Germain, let alone stock it. After a disgusted half hour of browsing, I bought a pre-chilled bottle of $13 dollar "sparkling wine." Lord...


    I'll put off the real celebrating until I get a hold of some 'sinthe.

  9. Ouch!


    More on topic, I'm still trying to dial in how I like to prepare my absinthe - ratio of water, sugar or no sugar - so I'm thankful that there are economical options like Lucid and Kübler. As T73 said, I just need to keep trying doses and I'll figure it out.


    -- T



    1:4 is kind of a benchmark for me. Sugar, no thanks.