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  1. I really enjoy these. I'll pour two ounces of Kübler or clandestine into a champagne flute and then fill with prosecco / champagne. The taste is something you'll have to get used to but in my experience the sparkling counterpart really intensifies the experience.
  2. Does that resemble Natty Ice? or natty light?
  3. That's funny. Most of the folks around this part drink bud light, that's some disgusting stuff.
  4. Albert Hoffman! No... Just kidding, I don't know good luck!
  5. welcome. Sounds like you've had a fun adventure.
  6. That might make you see a Green fairy or two.
  7. One "part" would probably an ounce. Or the way I look at it is: If you have a drink that's 4 parts 1 part absinthe 3 parts water You could go 1:3 absinthe to water, this could also mean 2 shots (ounce) absinthe and 6 shots (ounce) water. (2:6)
  8. I had some verte at Terminus07 that looked like a snow globe when I shook it. It was taisty.