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  1. Wow that's great where would I go to get Duplais Verte or Jade NO?? Jade NO is the only absinthe I ever had and that was like 6 years ago. Was pricey to ship over $$$
  2. Ahh ok well is the Duplais or other brands that are popular available in the US?
  3. So I have not been on here in a long time and last time I checked the only Absinthe you could get in th US was lucid. Now I see on BEVMO many brands. Is Mansinthe from bevmo the same product I would get imported? I was saving to order traditional stuff and have it imported due to the fact I thought the US stuff is half ass... am I wrong? is the stuff from bevmo just as good?
  4. Well i am trying to make my own fountain and i did a search on it but I just didnt see where to purchase a spigot. I didnt find it at Lowes or home depo. Can i find it locally or do i need to order it somewhere??
  5. Where can i pick up a bottle of Henri Bardouin Pastis?
  6. I really would like to try something new and Pastis sound like it would be good but I know very little about it. Can anyone recommend a brand or any input is helpfull. Also I seen Arak, Ouzo, Raki, and Anisette at bevmo but I dont want to risk getting something sickning for 20 or 30 bucks if anyone can fill me in that would be great.
  7. " At least it doesn't boast about its neurotoxicity ..." Ah but it does. If you click on the 100mg of thujone on the site it says this ..... Quote " Some claim that thujone compels the mind to enter a different level of awareness. In this state, apparently, the mind is able to connect with some sort of universal consciousness or intelligence from which it then draws its enhanced abilities. Others stop short of making a connection with the supernatural. In their view, we don't tap into any mystical source, we just tap into a rich subconscious source that is hidden deep within each of us, a source that our usual conscious self cannot easily access otherwise. "
  8. its says Floress, Manning, Browne & Co. on the site. London quote "Introducing CenturyCentury absinthe – which quickly earned the nickname The Decadent Goddess – packs a mind-blowing 100mg thujone of wild Artemisia power, making it one of only two known absinthes in the world today that deliver such strength. With Potent Herbal PowerNo artificial dyes are used in the making of this translucent green liquor – Century is 100% natural and only herbs of exceptional quality are used. Just as the original absinthes of Belle Époque Europe, Century too draws its powerful mind-bending buzz from Artemisia Absinthium, or grande wormwood, the notorious mountain plant whose strange effects have fascinated humanity since the times of the Ancients. We make sure the Artemisia that goes into Century is of a particularly exceptional quality and of unparalleled strength. The plant is hand-picked in the wild, in the deep, dark mountainous Bohemian forests known as "Little Switzerland", and extra special attention is paid to the handling, storage and processing of this rare herb."
  9. Forgive me if this has come up before. I was looking around on the web and found this ... CENTURY Absinthe 100 quote " There is absinthe, and then there is Century 100. Each bottle of Century is hand-crafted according to a traditional recipe. Century Absinthe contains 100mg of thujone, making it as strong as the mind-bending absinthes of the Belle Époque era. " OH come on are they joking? Geee I had no idea the original absinthe recipies had so much thujone.. and it can all be yours for 150.00 bucks + shipping It looks like ass
  10. Ok can you guys explain this to me. Does it taste better or what? I know its a Czech thing but thats all I know.
  11. so if a little air is good do you suggest I open the bottle when i get it the just close it back up? Or let it sit out for a bit? just trying to learn...
  12. Ok well I have been looking for a nice decanter but I thought to myself.... is it bad to store your absinthe in a decanter? Or should you leave your bottle closed up after use. I saw a few decanters that that had glass stoppers but I dont know if thats air tight or what. Any thoughts ???
  13. Ok so .... Duplais verte or brevans whats better must order today maybe marteau???? help must do it today
  14. Ok so if you could only choose one bottle of a verte and a blanche/la Bleue for the rest of your life from Swiss and the same from France what would it be. No need to explain why just one verte one blanch only.
  15. So you cant get French or German Absinthe in switzerland just swiss ones ??