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  1. Bob, I can sympathize. I spent a good bit of time in Mt. Vernon and in the surrounding wilderness. The Pasayten is gorgeous and cascade pass/el dorado blew my mind. Marc, do all those places serve Pacifique? I have been meaning to try it for a while and would love to while I'm here if any of those places present the opportunity, Thanks again everyone
  2. Haha, I wish it were that exciting, mainly just following contract work where ever it took me. Just finished up three months in the N. Cascades so I may not be fit for anywhere else either haha.
  3. So I haven't posted here for various reasons in quite a while, mostly due to moving incessantly... Anyway, I happened to be in Seattle for a couple of days and saw absinthe on the menu at the Met. I instantly knew I had to post here. I searched for a couple of things first before asking, but didn't see anything really updated since summer so I figured I'd ask: Outside of Zig-Zag, Can Can and some of the local liquor stores (or a lot depending on what you want to drink) where can one get a decent glass of absinthe in the downtown area? Any thoughts from the locals, I know we have quite a few here .
  4. John Butler Trio. God they were AMAZING this weekend.
  5. I particularly don't ever find my senses dull drinking absinthe (well there was this one time but that is another story ) Sounds like you have the right idea so far and plenty to work with. Welcome Edit: News Flash, I second VG's edit. That is all.
  6. A wine cooler?! In all seriousness it is probably not considered vodka anymore but more or less a flavored liqueur.
  7. I kinda feel the same way. Vodka was the first alcohol I got sick on. For years it made my stomach turn.
  8. What's wrong with Hawaiian shirts.
  9. They may be yummy. After all they sure are good in cookies.
  10. I love bananas foster. My variation uses a dash of vanilla, a splash of O.J. and some creme de banana. I omit the nuts because after a hearty dinner I like my dessert to have that 'melt in my mouth' texture Thanks for sharing!
  11. I will have to try this if/when it hits stores here in TN thanks elf
  12. You can't light it on fire either </sarcasm> Speaking of beer I found that my local grocery store now has a full 100 ft aisle devoted to beer including five different ones from Shiner.
  13. http://digg.com/odd_stuff/The_Guide_to_Get...inking_Absinthe Found this on digg a bit ago. The comments are somewhat more educated than I expected. The guide itself is less than informative At least they mention a slotted spoon and water
  14. Yes, I just didn't know if in De Brevans or Duplais if there was any reference to them and I can't look at them right now because I am not at home. I know the coloring step adds a certain amt of flavor, that's why I was wondering if anyone historically had used tarragon in the step because of its somewhat anise like aromatic properties.
  15. Coloring with Tarragon.... Just out of curiosity is there any historical precident to this or something they just decided to do?
  16. I want one. This also makes me want a Old Fashioned.
  17. Wow that is a ton of autotune in that Lil Wayne video. It is also awesome that they put LTV directly into the fountain.
  18. To further what peridot is saying the quantity of thujone you consume when drinking even HALF a bottle of absinthe (good god, drinking half a liter of absinthe is like drinking a case of beer) is still around 15 mg by EU standards. I can think of very few medicines/pharms that have a pronounced effect at that level (methylated and dexmethylated things come to mind). At that point, you would be so drunk thujone wouldn't matter. You could almost excourage people to experiment with "the thujone experience" buy eating a ton of sage. They would probably end up with more bang for their thujone buck... but that isn't the business you are in is it? I am not trying to be harsh or overly critical, I just don't think thujone really has anything to do with authentic absinthe. Are are instead saying that people perhaps may feel the effects of it because they want to, and you aren't going to be the guy who shoots down their hopes and dreams? If that is the case, I find that pretty silly. Thats like giving someone an O'Douls and laughing at them when they pretend to be drunk.
  19. Ahh, I missed that bitterness was already a catagory. I don't know how the hell you quantify "intensity" then either. Edit: Shabba, I was thinking about bitterness because I was trying to make the catagory a wormwood tie instead of a thujone tie. Ex. Amer etc... but that obviously already existed as stated above.
  20. Perhaps "bitterness" or "wormwood intensity" would be more apt names for that if you insist on having it? I agree though, I don't know there is a necessity for it. P.S. Welcome.
  21. That or perfecting your signature. It's freakin sweet. P.S. 3 week louche = tepid absinthe.