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  1. Bob, I can sympathize. I spent a good bit of time in Mt. Vernon and in the surrounding wilderness. The Pasayten is gorgeous and cascade pass/el dorado blew my mind. Marc, do all those places serve Pacifique? I have been meaning to try it for a while and would love to while I'm here if any of those places present the opportunity, Thanks again everyone
  2. Haha, I wish it were that exciting, mainly just following contract work where ever it took me. Just finished up three months in the N. Cascades so I may not be fit for anywhere else either haha.
  3. So I haven't posted here for various reasons in quite a while, mostly due to moving incessantly... Anyway, I happened to be in Seattle for a couple of days and saw absinthe on the menu at the Met. I instantly knew I had to post here. I searched for a couple of things first before asking, but didn't see anything really updated since summer so I figured I'd ask: Outside of Zig-Zag, Can Can and some of the local liquor stores (or a lot depending on what you want to drink) where can one get a decent glass of absinthe in the downtown area? Any thoughts from the locals, I know we have quite a few here .
  4. John Butler Trio. God they were AMAZING this weekend.
  5. I particularly don't ever find my senses dull drinking absinthe (well there was this one time but that is another story ) Sounds like you have the right idea so far and plenty to work with. Welcome Edit: News Flash, I second VG's edit. That is all.
  6. A wine cooler?! In all seriousness it is probably not considered vodka anymore but more or less a flavored liqueur.
  7. I kinda feel the same way. Vodka was the first alcohol I got sick on. For years it made my stomach turn.
  8. What's wrong with Hawaiian shirts.
  9. They may be yummy. After all they sure are good in cookies.
  10. I love bananas foster. My variation uses a dash of vanilla, a splash of O.J. and some creme de banana. I omit the nuts because after a hearty dinner I like my dessert to have that 'melt in my mouth' texture Thanks for sharing!
  11. I will have to try this if/when it hits stores here in TN thanks elf
  12. You can't light it on fire either </sarcasm> Speaking of beer I found that my local grocery store now has a full 100 ft aisle devoted to beer including five different ones from Shiner.