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  1. :dribble: must...have...all...50...secret...blends....
  2. C'mon Joe, whya gotta go spoil the idea that the harder-to-get from far off places is better than the legitimately imported and available? Do you wanna take all the fun, mystery, and extra shipping away from those that wanna believe?
  3. Diet Coke. Thinking about having a Ninkasi oatmeal stout.
  4. Well, I had another opportunity to taste it after breathing. The verte definitely has the herbaceous pungency of the original, but is just a bit different. I think it's probably worth your while to get a bottle as I think you'll enjoy it; though more or less than Helfrich I don't know. The blanche has less of a crazy chamomile assault, and is a little more towards the classic la bleue profile- but is definitely more flavorful than most la bleues I've tried.
  5. Now that is one heck of a very nice picture. Three true artisanal supérieures with handcrafted fountains. I don't even know if there are any pre-ban era images like that???
  6. I could agree with that. Speaking of excellent, I'm having a Voyager gin & tonic here.
  7. Well, since I'm belated in the birthday greeting, I'll go with the birthmonth greeting. Oh man February's gone by too? Either way I guess it's happy belated!
  8. Not to mention your stylish paisley getup!
  9. I'm glad someone finally started a thread about this absinthe, but I've been too lazy to do it myself. I got to try the verte and a sip of the blanche- however, they had just been opened so it I'll be curious to see how they are when fully developed. The impression I had was that while not exactly the same as Helfrich, they tasted like I would expect a modern Dutchman crafted absinthe to taste like. Which is to say, very nice.
  10. Weather or not we still put absinthe in our mustaches, that's what they'd want to know. I don't have a mustache, but if I did, the answer would be "yes".
  11. I wholeheartedly endorse brie and crackers. The tasty bland buttery-ness of the brie works as counterpoint to intense absinthe flavors. It's not food, but I really like Talking Rain sparkling water of the lemon-lime variety. The flavor is pretty subtle and though it can conceivably bias yer taste buds with citrus flavor, I find it makes a good refreshing palate cleanser in an absinthe session.
  12. I think I may start the evening with Pyramid Snowcap again and then maybe I'll make myself an Absinthe Suissesse.
  13. Tonight, Pyramid Snow Cap (the only Pyramid beer I'm really into) and Vieux Carre. Trying the BdJ was pretty interesting. When I hear "white pepper" I think of the spice melange in PF1914. What I got from BdJ was more of a sharp vegetal green bell pepper. There was another absinthe that had a batch with the green bell pepper thing (which mellowed noticeably with age), and my understanding was that it was due to some high powered angelica. On the opposite end of the BdJ spectrum, I found some nice refined sweatness from the grape base along with a thin, soft layer of spice and floral notes. Flavor and aroma opened up for me somewhere just past 2:1; the bottle had been breathing for about three or four weeks if I'm not mistaken. On the whole I found it to more like an avant jazz arpeggio, rather than a tastily harmonious blues chord. Obvious quality and lots of fun to explore. Not my ultimate favorite, but I can see why folks love it for the adventure.
  14. Well if Jen's gonna be belated then Ima gonna be belated too!
  15. Got mine ordered. The design work on the cover looks fantastic from what I could see!
  16. And those are awesome lyrics by the way. Perfect!
  17. Yeah that's very neat! However, the cover art is not by me (even if it's cause it looks so good they totally thought it was ), definitely by Peridot this time around. Still waiting for mine to arrive in the mail...
  18. One factor to consider is that the first one was way over the deadline and everyone was waiting for it to finally get done just in time to miss Xmas.