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  1. Here's a glass of Jade in mid louche (I think this was VS, but it might be 1901). This sight made me very happy! ...The most absinthes I've had in my inventory at any given time.
  2. Nice job, Meatwagon...a bit quick, but I can see why you wanted it to sync with the song. Definitely works to show the louche concept! That brutal music belies your gentle avatar image.
  3. Pass that plethora of absinthe my way! Does that mean that I have to contend with a singing wormwood plant and an invisible Lanfray now ???
  4. I don't pretend to be as knowledgeable as many here who have spent a great deal more time and effort studying absinthe in a serious manner. ----------------------------------------- However, from reading the Wormwood Society resources and those compiled by Oxy (I take it you checked them out too and didn't find anything), it would appear that the majority of hard core scientific research has been focused on investigating the myths and old science surrounding absinthe. Not to mention trying to determine just what the makeup of authentic absinthe was. It seems there's been so much work that's had to be done debunking long standing misinformation (eg thujone, trippin' ballz, insanity, blindness, magic powers, missing chunks of ear, copious amounts of cat barf, ect.) that the time and resources haven't been available to conclusively study the specific question you posed. ----------------------------------------- Ted Breaux has said that he thinks it's the combination of all the herbs, some stimulant, some relaxant, that equal a kind of "herbal speedball" effect. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but to properly conduct a scientific study on exactly what causes the effects of absinthe, I'd think one would have to do extensive FDA approval style testing on all the different botanicals, how each one interacts with the next one, how they all interact with each other, using proper sized study subject groups and control groups, ect., ect...The mind boggles It seems like there's still ongoing debate and research on much more widely used and widely available substances, such as caffeine and coffee, to this day. Or even the medicinal properties of various herbs used since ancient times (e.g. modern western medicine vs. traditional eastern medicine). My apologies if any of my post is incorrect or rambling. What was I saying? Oh yeah, science rulz!!!
  5. It's great to hear that there's a U.S. Marteau on the way (haven't tried Marteau Verte Classique yet though). The more quality U.S. releases, the better! That's pretty much how I've been trying to describe my experiences to friends when I talk to them about the actual effects (vs. the fabled effects). I like to compare it to tequila, which clouds my mind, but still allows access to 100% engine power, vs. absinthe, where I get drunk after a few, but still have access to most of my cognitive power. I personally also experience a cheerful, almost giggly feeling, but have not had the same strange dreams others have mentioned. I must say that I do enjoy the buzz (not to mention the taste) I get from absinthe more than any other alcoholic beverage.
  6. Oops...Sorry for the faux pas and thanks for the head's up!
  7. Well, it sounds like you know how to celebrate in style! I still think the reviews for VS here on the Wormwood Society http://www.wormwoodsociety.org/index.php?o...&Itemid=140 and over at La Fee Verte http://www.feeverte.net/guide/country/fran...erte_suisse_65/ are helpful in figuring out how it's different from the other Jades. I've heard it's Ted Breaux's favorite out of the Jade line. Though it's not quite number one for me, I find it's delicious and very much consistent with what I've come to expect from a Jade. I think it has an herbal "green" tasting profile that's similar to PF1901- maybe a little bit more "grassy". I've also been experiencing some other spicy notes that almost taste like cinnamon. If all else fails, picking up a bottle and drinking might be only way you'll ever know for sure!
  8. I'm finding that with most absinthes I've tasted (through both experience and following the advice of more experienced absinthuers) that opening the bottle and replacing the cork to let it breath for a week or two really helps the alcohol bite settle down. Though I've not tried Jade NO, I remember especially upon opening bottles of Duplais Verte and Bevans HRG, I was really taken aback and wasn't sure if I cared for them. However, after about a week, I found myself enjoying both immensely (I was comparing them to Jade Ed and Roq 1797 that I'd opened a couple weeks prior). Also, with the couple bottles of Lucid I've had, breathing seems to help the peppery, funky overtones subside and lets the classic flavors come through for me.
  9. Even with only 9 under my belt, I found it hard to chose- 1. Jade Edouard 2. Jade PF1901 3. Roquette 1797 4. Duplais Verte 5. Jade Verte Suisse 6. Kübler 53 7. Brevans HR Giger 8. Lucid 9. Blanchette I'm finding that I am a big Jade Ed. fan, and that it easily makes #1 for me. I love what seems to be a perfect dichotomy of balance and complexity; bold alpine spiciness and at the same time a thick, smooth mouth feel. Probably one of my favorite beverages of any kind that I have ever tried. My favorite description from someone else's review on LFV is "multi dimensional"! 2 through 6 are tough to rank in precise order, however, and I guess it would depend on my mood. I'm still not 100% sure how I feel about ranking Lucid higher either. Some days I seem to get quite a lot out of the taste, but some days it seems a bit flat with the peppery notes trying to cover over for the other herbs. It's really interesting to see everyone else's favorites and it's giving me some ideas for things to try in the future.
  10. Ah. Your liver give out on you? Nope...but my pocketbook did!
  11. Hello Fellow Absinthusiasts, My name is Tom, and I just wanted to introduce myself to this fine forum! Some of you may know me as rev500d2 from the La Fee Verte forum. In hindsight, I wished I'd picked a snazzier name, so I'm going with the Green Baron on this one (though I'm a relative absinthe noob, it felt appropriate with my WWI pilot avatar). Just a couple of short months ago, I was uninitiated to absinthe and all of it's flavorful splendor, and almost made a classic noob blunder as chronicled in my bombastic intro at LFV- http://www.feeverte.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=4433 Since then, I've had the pleasure of tasting- Jade Edouard (my fav!- I've had 3 bottles to date now) Roquette 1797 Duplais Verte Brevans HR Giger Lucid Kübler 53 Jade PF1901 Jade Verte Suisse Blanchette Unfortunately, I can't sustain the pace of my exploration but I'm very happy that I came along at a time when there's a least a couple of affordable options in the U.S. (since I've discovered that I love absinthe and like to drink it often)! Cheers!
  12. Beautiful (and cold) Seattle, Washington, USA